This is the answer to your HP 02 xl cartridge problem.

are there any current HP Printers that use the HP 02 print cartridges?

HI-VISION HI-YIELDS Compatible Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 02 (Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Light Cyan,Light Magenta,6-Pack)

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  • HP Photosmart 3100, 3200, 3300, C6100, C7200 and PSC 7280 series printers which use HP 02 ink cartridges and feature a keypad display (for example, those printers with button keys 1 thru 9). If you observe poor print quality or the printer only prints blank pages, and printhead cleaning steps have already been performed, then perform the Tap 43 diagnostic test to help determine if the

    The #02 cartridge design is quite simple. It is an empty plastic shell with a microchip. We will make a hole into the top of the cartridge, fill the empty ink chamber completely, and seal the hole airtight. These cartridges can be refilled many times successfully.

  • I have a HP C7250 that I have been using non-hp HP02 XL cartridges. It indicates it needs a new cartridge when I am about half way through. I have been throwing away a lot of good ink. Is there anything one can do to disable this?

    This compatible C8772WA magenta HP02 cartridge compares favorably with original HP cartridges in both print quality and the number of pages it will print. It comes with a risk-free "Satisfied Or Your Money Back" guarantee.

    WARNING: Failure to follow these instructions precisely can ruin your printer!

    It is vital that you do not let a refilled #02 cartridge run out of ink!

    These cartridges contain a microchip which counts the amount of ink used. Under normal conditions, the cartridge is replaced when the ink has been used. A normal cartridge will still have ink remaining when the level reads "ink out". This is important because the printer does not have a backup method of determining when the cartridge is out of ink! When you refill the cartridge, the ink level display will no longer be accurate. You can't trust the display with a refilled cartridge!

    If the cartridge truly runs out of ink, air will be pulled into the printhead, possibly causing a "fatal printer error". Therefore, it is important to not let your refilled cartridges run out of ink!

    Let us emphasize one more time: You must not let the refilled cartridges run out of ink!

    If this warning concerns you, we suggest that you purchase a remanufactured cartridge, which contains a new microchip and will be able to give proper ink level readings.

  • Remanufactured HP 02 Ink Cartridge (HP C8721WN Black)


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    • 90-day money-back guarantee
      Extended 3-year replacement warranty. See details
    • Black Ink Cartridge Cartridge
    • Yields 660 Pages At 5% Coverage
    • Remanufactured
    Compatible Printer List :
    Photosmart: 3210 / 3210v / 3210xi / C5140 / C5150 / C5185 / C5188 / C6150 / C6185 / C6188 / C7150 / C7185 / D7345 / D7355 / C8100 / C6280 / C7280
    PhotoSmart: C5100 / C5175 / C5183 / C5190 / C6100 / C6175 / C6183 / C6200 / C6240 / C6250 / C6270 / C6275 / C6283 / C6285 / C6286 / C6288 / C7200 / C7250 / C7275 / C7283 / C7288 / C8150 / C8183 / D7168 / D7245 / D7255 / D7263 / D7268
    Photosmart: 8250 / D7360 / D7160 / C5180 / C6180 / C7180 / 3110 / D6160 / D6280 / D7145 / D7155 / D7260 / D7280 / D7460 / C8180 / 3310 / 3310xi

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We offer a 13-pack of LD remanufactured ink cartridges to replace the HP 02 ink series that includes 3 black C8721WN ink cartridges, 2 Cyan C8771WN, 2 Magenta C8772WN, 2 Yellow C8773WN, 2 Light Cyan C8774WN, and 2 Light Magenta C8775WN inkjet cartridges. These professionally remanufactured inkjet cartridges will deliver excellent results and provide you with quality and reliability comparable to HP 02 ink. With our '100% Satisfaction Guarantee', our replacements for HP cartridges are an excellent economic and environmentally-sound alternative to original HP 02 ink cartridges, delivering beautifully clear, crisp printouts you can depend on. Save on the HP 02 LD ink cartridge set. These LD remanufactured cartridges are not remanufactured by HP.