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#12 Miniature Light Bulb - 10 Pack

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  • The light bulb number can be found on the silver or brass base of the old light bulb. In many cases the number is stamped on the bulb base and is difficult to read. You may need to polish the metal base and have a magnifying glass to be able to read the bulb number from the old bulb. You may be able to match your bulb to the shape and base configuration in the chart below listing some of the more common 12v light bulbs used in RVs. Prices and ordering info for packages of 2 bulbs are listed below.

    1 year warranty does not cover installing these in 120 V input fixtures. Not only will you blow up the LED light bulb, but you could possibly damage your fixture and cause other electrical problems. Please be sure you want 12V light bulbs when you order from this page.

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