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  • Back in 2010 we created digital files from a series of old 35mm transparencies, held in our archive picture library. We tried two methods to convert the images; using a flatbed scanner and copying with an EOS camera. Here's our experience using an EOS 7D with the Ohnar zoom slide duplicator.

    Discarded, obsolete 35mm transparencies were rescued from Lancaster University library and transformed into new works. Second year Fine Art students have risen to the challenge of organising and installing this group exhibition in only 48 hours.

  • Holds twenty 35mm mounted transparencies, I.D. strip for each slide. 8 mil polypropylene. Dimensions: 9 3/8" Wide x 11 5/8" High. Fits: standard binders.

    Many people have a great collection of 35mm transparencies/slides and no longer have a projector or don’t want the hassle of setting up a projector and screen. It’s worth going through your slides and picking the best for scanning, restoring, cropping and making prints or enlargements. We have special rates for bulk scanning or you can just have a single slide scanned if you prefer.

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Bobby Thomson 1952 New York Giants 35mm Slide Transparency 2

hello all:
i'm in the market for a new scanner.
would like to be able to scan in 6x6 & 35mm transparencies and print them 8.5x11 and up.
don't have the money for a drum scanner. . . . looking for something under $1000. epson 4490? epson 700v? canonscan 9950f? any suggestions????
many thanks!