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McKesson Performance Plus Gauze Sponge Cover Dressing Sterile 4"X4" Latex Free - 2 pack with 25 count in each (Total of 50)

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  • 6-0 Suture is cut into 1-inch pieces (6 pieces / animal) and put into small sterilization pouches. Cotton-tip applicators, 4x4 gauze squares, and male-male 3-way stopcocks are put into either small or medium sized sterilization pouches and autoclaved. Our surgical instruments are autoclave sterilized each evening. They are washed after surgery using antibacterial soap and tap water. They are allowed to dry on a clean surgical blue pad. They are then carefully placed into a sterilization pouch and sterilized for use the next day.

    All participants were given a basic first aid kit for large animals which include over 30 items needed on a ranch. The kits included heavy duty scissors, flashlight and batteries, halter and rope, needle holders, wire cutters, disposable gloves, 4X4 gauze squares, skin cleanser, triple antibiotic ointment, bloat trochar, disposable scalpels, vettype wrap, medical tape, duct tape, several large syringes (35-60 cc), rolled cotton, thermometer, latex tubing to use as a tourniquet, OB sleeves, needles and small sized syringes, and a hoof knife. Dr. Daly provided an explanation as well as instruction on using each piece of the kit so participants felt comfortable with each piece before leaving the class.

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    Sponge Gauze 4X4 Squares


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    • 4X4 Squares
    • 200 per package

    The 4X4 gauze squares are good for wound dressing and wrapping.

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Sterile 4"x4" Individually wrapped 2pk