Ankle Weights1 lb. each—2-lb. set

Ankle weights add load to vulnerable joints.

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  • Is it helpful or harmful to wear ankle weights while doing cardio exercises? Will it strengthen and tone the legs, or will it put stress on the knees or ankles?

    We asked two experts to weigh in on the pros and cons of adding ankle weights, which many walkers do to increase calorie burn and muscle strength.

  • Dr. Anthony Luke, assistant professor of orthopedics and director of primary care sports medicine at San Francisco, says that ankle weights make muscles, such as hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes, work harder to do the same motion. "It's giving a better workout for those big muscles." There's also a bigger cardiovascular benefit, because you're using more exertion.

    If you want more bang for your workout, instead of adding ankle weights, Adams suggests increasing cardio intensity by varying your speed or climbing hills. That will give you a bigger calorie burn as well.

    • Pair of adjustable ankle weights

    • Pair of adjustable ankle weights

    All Pro is a trusted and reputed brand when it comes to exercise and fitness products therefore it is worthwhile to invest in its products, be it ankle weights or others. The come in a set of two, each weighing up to five pounds maximum. The best part about using these ankle weights is that their weights are completely adjustable, which is really convenient. Moreover, the padding against the ankle provides additional comfort and so does the padded heel.

Ankle weights: pros and cons - LA Times

In recent years, you may have seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of ankle weights and other modes of increasing resistance through normal activities. Whether you use ankle weights for a workout or if you just wear them while you walk for a bit of enhanced exercise, these weights can provide a number of benefits. However, it's important to also recognize that using ankle weights and other items to increase the resistance that you normally experience will tend to put additional strain and stress on your bones, joints and muscles. This can lead to injury and more long-term damage if you don't use these items properly.