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Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool (34 in x 10 in)

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  • All baby pools are displayed graphically in a matrix. The matrix design divides the game into blocks. Aday and hour baby pool would have the days running horizontally and thehours of a day running vertically. This design makes it easy forpeople to participate, all they have to do is click onthe blocks they want to reserve and when a participant is doneselectingblocks they click the "Reserve Blocks" button and enter their name ande-mail address.

    At the four corners of the Pool Matrix are buttons tomove the PoolMatrix either forward or backward. In time based babypools the Forward button will move the ahead in time in increments of 5days, equal to 5 blocks. While the Back button will move the backin time in increments of 5 days, equal to 5 blocks. In weightand length based baby pools the Forward button will move the Pool Matrixahead an increment of 1 pound or .45 kilograms or equal to 16blocks and the Back button will move the Pool matrix back an incrementof 1 pound or .45 kilograms or equal to 16 blocks.

  • We take away the hassle of setting up baby pools so anyone can participate whether they are near or far. With our baby pool manager, you can share the baby pool with whomever you want. You have full control over all guesses entered into the pool and you can even limit who's allowed to guess to only those you invite. Your baby pool will get its own easy to use page that anyone can access with a unique link.

    I did a write-up on doggie pools some time ago, and I listed a number of wading pools / baby pools that many dogs have since delighted in. However, some owners reported that their dogs were too heavy for the materials used in those particular pools and they asked if there was anything sturdier available. As a matter of fact, there is, but these are mostly just for lounging in as they are not big enough for big dogs to swim properly in. (Although smaller breeds should be able to do that just fine.) That said, when it's really sweltering outside most dogs will be plenty happy to just laze about in cool water and these hard plastic kiddie pools, which double as sandboxes, are just the thing y'all are looking for. I happen to use something almost identical to the first pool on the list for my own 45 lb, long haired and very furry baby girl, and she loves, loves loves it.

  • Right, this is almost exactly the same thing I have at home and I am very pleased with it. This is the type of wading pool you had if you grew up in the 80s, so many of you will remember these. The reason they are hard to find on places like Amazon is because they are not listed as baby pools, but rather sandboxes. Eh, whatever. If you look at the photos they are clearly meant to be used as either. Mine came just like this -- as a shell that can be closed. In my case, I simply cut the ties and gave the other half to a neighbor who also has a dog. If you'd rather keep the shell together you can just close it up when not in use, or if you've got two dogs you can have one for each of them. This is very, very durable hard plastic and even a large dog should be able to relax and lay down in it. My own 45 lb baby will rest her head on the top edge and just relax for more than an hour at a time. Try it, your dog will love it.

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The Baby Pool Page menu starts with a link to the babypool's so that your guests and participants can get back to yourbaby poolhome. The second menu item is a listing of the current blocksselected for reservation, we will get to reserving blocks in amoment. When there are no blocks currently selected forreservation this section will display "No new blocks to reserve". Whenblocks have been selected for reservation a listing of the blocksselected will appear. This list will contain the informationabout each block as well as a link to delete it before it isreserved. Once a block is reserved only the baby poolsadministrator can delete it. When there are blocks listed to bereserved a Reserve Blocks button is visible below the list ofblocks. After a participant has finished selecting all of theirblocks to be reserved they must click this button so that the blockswill be recorded.