Free Bat House Plans for the above specifications.

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Woodworking Project Paper Plan to Build Bat Houses

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  • Be skeptical of any bat house plans that look more like bird houses, or have large, square, single chambers inside. Bats like houses with 3/4" spaces, so they can pack tightly together and share body heat. Avoid smooth wood or slick paints, bright lights, and windy hill-tops.

    If you don't have the equipment, time, or inclination to build your own bat house, there are several reputable sources where you can purchase a pre-built bat house. I would proceed with caution, however, as a quick search online for bat houses turned up many designs that were more focused on attracting buyers than bats. is one of the best sources for well-designed bat houses, and as a bonus, you know the money you spend there is put back into bat research and education.

    Size matters. There are many bat house plans available on the Internet and most will work in areas where a colony is already established, but if your concern is how to attract bats to a bat house where none were before, bigger is better. They offer a greater variation in interior temperatures and the space needed for females and their pups.

  • In honor of bats – and the wacky folks who love them – we humbly submit to you 27 FREE bat house plans in the hopes that you can dramatically reduce the mosquito population that’s taken up residence around your .

    >> 3 Designs For the Bat Fanatics ONLY
    >> 2 Rocket Box Bat House Designs
    >> 2 Interspecies Housing Plans: Birds + Bats
    >> 1 HOA-Positive Bat House Plan
    >> 6 Bat Family Friendly: Multi-Chambered Bat Nursery Plans
    >> 13 Basic Bat Houses for the Modestly Batty
    >> 2 Bat House FAQ’s + 1 Bat House Making Video

    Now I’m off to find some simple bat house plans I can construct with the boys. I would love to hear any suggestions in the comment section if you have experience building these little guano factories!

    Bat House Plans, Books & Information About Building Bat Houses

    The Bat House Builder's Handbook
    Published by Bat Conservation International, this book is probably the most referenced book about building bat houses.

    America's Neighborhood Bats:
    Understanding and Learning to Live in Harmony with Them

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    • Bat Conservation International - "Bats aren't blind, they're not rodents, and they won't get tangled in your hair. The truth is that bats are among the most gentle, beneficial, and necessary animals on earth. But because of centuries of myth and superstition, they are also among the world's least appreciated and most endangered animals." B4UBuild a bat house, be sure to visit this very informative site, which includes pictures of bats, facts, trivia and information about bats, as well as, a simple method of removing a colony of bats from your house.

    • Bat Conservation and Management - This Pennsylvannia company will help you remove bats from your house or attract bats to a house built especialy for them. They offer three and five chamber bat houses, bat house kits, bat cans, pole mounting kits, books, and plenty of information about bats.

    • Johnson Bat House - Plans for building a 2 foot high bat house using rough sawn 1 x 12 - from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center.

    • Small Bat House - Plans for building a 14 inch high bat house, for small brown bats, using an 8 foot section of 1 x 8 - from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center.

    • North Carolina State University (PDF) - Information about bats, bat habitat and a diagram of a very basic bat house design.

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  • Free Bat House Plans with over 20 free plans, a Large Bat House Plan, several Small Bat House Plans, Three Rocket Bat Box Plans, Three Chamber Bat Box Plan, Do it

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Learn how to evict bats safely or live with them using MassWildlife's . This publication contains tips on handling a bat in the house, designs for one-way doors, bat house plans, and a key to identifying the nine bat species in Massachusetts. There is also information on the 9 kinds of bats living in Massachusetts.