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Seven Apparel Hotel Spa Collection Herringbone Textured Plush Robe, Optic White

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  • You will need to specify the size of your new bath robe. It should fit loosely and allow unobstructed movement, but the hem and sleeves should be a proper length for you. Bath robes normally fall approximately between the ankles and the knees, but some models may be shorter. It's probably better not to purchase a bathrobe that reaches the floor. If you are looking for a bath robe for a young one who is yet growing, buy it a little bit large so that it will last a couple of years. However, avoid purchasing it so large that your child may step on the hemline. You may plan to roll up the sleeves for a little while at first.

    Those late night sessions always made for difficult morning shifts, and at 0800 you have to be up-and-at-em at your post. You roll out of your bunk and plod over to the foodslot for your morning coffee. Too tired to even put on your uniform, you hope nobody will mind that you're wearing your Starfleet issue bathrobe.

  • Delight in your own personal home spa with women’s loungewear that will ensure a restful sleep and feel oh so wonderful on your skin after a nice hot show. Stay warm when you bring luxury with you in a long, short or medium length plush bathrobe or cotton wrap. Indulge yourself today with our women's pajamas in the women's department.

    Comfortable loungewear can improve your nightly routine, whether you’re in the mood to relax for a while, take a quick nap or call it a night. The next time you need some “me time,” stock up and kick back with affordable pajamas and bathrobes for women at JCPenney.

      Closed Chest Open Chest Shoulder Waist Sleeve Sweep Length Belt
    S: 21" 51,5" 17" 48" 22" 54" 43.5" 71"
    M: 23" 55" 18" 51" 23" 57" 43.5" 71"
    L: 24.5" 58" 19" 54" 24" 60" 43.5" 71"
    XL: 26" 61" 20" 57" 25" 63" 43.5" 71"

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Usually I don't splurge on things for myself. Last year I decided to splurge on one from Bathrobes Superstore. It's one of the most comfortable robes I have ever touched or had the pleasure of wearing. Maine winters are cold and this is just the perfect thing to keep you toasty. I wear it every single day! It is worth the money... so don't hasitate buying one!