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Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Bat Boat

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  • The Batman Begins toys you can choose from vary from representing Batman, the main character, to small replicas of the vehicles he uses in the movie and even like an interesting looking clock radio or a long range night vision with walkie talkies.

    Timm: Harley had a slow build. There wasn't a whole lot of Harley merchandise early on. When the first Harley action figure came out as part of the Batman: The Animated Series line, it was actually a really rare figure. You'd get a box of Batman toys at a toy store and there would be eight Batmans and five Jokers and there'd be maybe one Harley in the entire box. Now I can't believe how much Harley merchandise is out there. It's insane.

  • Thus, Batman Begins toys are among this year’s most popular toys for children. In the coming holyday season, they are more then likely to be the top choice for most parents.

    We couldn’t rightfully talk about the coolest Batman toys without talking about fan favorite Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond. This action figure comes with changeable heads, hands, and other accessories for playtime.

  • There’s a lot of things to love about Batman. For one, he’s still considered a superhero, even though he doesn’t have any super powers. Secondly, his tale is rooted in darkness, and as his current run continues, he’s getting darker and darker (yes, even with the big changes in issue #43 if you think about it). But, what really makes Bruce Wayne’s tale great is that it means we get cool Batman toys to play with (some of which we included in our roundup of the top 50 ).

My Imaginext Batman Toys Part 1 of 2

Batman Imaginext Batcave toy review & Batman and Robin toy play story with DisneyCarToys and ToysReviewToys channel. The Batcave toy is a Batman toy made by Fisher-Price Imaginext and is part of their DC Super Friends Batman Superhero Series. Robin visits Batman in the Batcave. Batman is angry that Robin goes to the front door, he told Alfred a front door was a bad idea. Robin crashes Batman's batcycle and so Batman puts Robin in the Gotham Jail at the bottom of the Batcave playset. In the Imaginext Batman Bat Cave, Batman checks his computer screen and sees a picture of the Joker. Bat man has Robin set up the missiles but Robin hits Batman's Bat Motorcycle.

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