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  • No, I'm joking. Store our battery operated quartz watch in your night table next to your bed. Or, in your top drawer with your socks. Store them in any convenient place in the house where you can find them easily. Quartz watch storage is not a science. It's a no-brainer. If it were an automatic watch, then we get into numerous clever options that could require an expensive winder (which only a minority of expensive watch owners really use). Seriously, I have maybe 6 or 7 excellent quartz watches and they are in the top drawer ready to go.

    Two factors must always be considered when using battery operated quartz pendulum movements. The first is the weight of the actual pendulum. Our pendulums are specifically designed to work with battery-operated movements. If you were to substitute a pendulum from an old mechanical movement, you would probably find that the pendulum is to heavy to be operated by a battery operated movement. The second is the operating position of the movement. The movement must level, or perpendicular to the ground. If the movement is not properly leveled, then the pendulum may not operate properly, or at all.

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    Cleanliness is a primary concern when changing the battery in quartz analogwatches. They use tiny motors that pulse or rotate once per second, causingthe second hand to jump forward one second at a time. Its gears are drivenby such low power the slightest amount of dirt, lint or dried lubricantwill stop the moving parts.

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    Re: How to change your quartz watch battery in 10 easy steps

    Thanks, ABD for the best post with the clearest pictures I have seen so far on changing batteries in quartz watches. Have you already or would you explain with one of your great clear pix, the various parts of the quartx watch? It would help me a lot. Great job!

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