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road bike shogun selectra made in japan

Genuine Mopar A69700042N Shogun Mountain Bike by Kent

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  • Road Racing bikes are designed to do exactly what the name suggests – race on roads and tarmac surfaces. road racing bikes are attractive and have high appeal to youths, and are designed to be streamlined, with low handlebars, light frames and slick fingered gearsets. The Road Racing bikes come in different sizes and can be delivered throughout the UK. If you have any questions regarding any of our Road Racing bikes from Shogun, then please contact us and we'd be happy to assist you.

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    Hmmm. Probably no name recognition. You could list it on eBay and charge folks to have a bike shop pack it up, which is what I did to ship mine.

  • Zombi,
    Shogun’s were very nicely made at one time, especially the ones made in Japan. The picture is a bit blurry but it appears to be in remarkable condition. The bike is a fairly simple machine, get yourself an older bicycle maintenance manual (used bookstores always carry a few)…that way it is relevant to your “older” Shogun, and have at it. Online you can find many instructive video tutorials with step by step steps. (that just sounds weird?) Oh, occasionally you might need special tools that can be found at any local bike shop. Proceed slowly and have fun.

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  • Shimano started out as the underdog, and had a reputation for being a bit flighty and always changing its product lines, while SunTour and its allies were more stable. Dealers liked this stability, because it simplified parts replacement. In this era, Shimano replacement parts were hard to find in bike shops, partly because of the constant churning of new model introductions and partly because Shimano didn't do a very good job of communicating with or supporting the dealers.

26" Shogun Shockwave - Kent International

The Roux line is available this month and will ship in January. 2x2 Worldwide is also the designer and distributor for the Land Rover range of bikes, and the U.K. distributor for Montague full-size folding bikes and Shogun mountain, jump and BMX bikes.