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Verbatim 4.7 GB up to16x Branded Recordable Disc DVD+R - 50 Disc Spindle 95037

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  • The easy part: Any standard blank DVD-R and DVD+R (those are the two more-or-less normal kinds) will record for any length of time from less than an hour to seven hours. You don't need a special blank DVD for long recording and playing times.

    MediaPro white inkjet blank DVDs are a low cost option for individuals and organizations of all sizes. Small quantities start at an aggressive price for home users, independent photographers and other organizations with low volume demand. At the same time, businesses and duplication houses that require large quantities of blank DVDs love MediaPro's unbeatable bulk discounts. Whether you purchase 100 or 100,000, MediaPro delivers a professional grade blank DVD, for excellent burns and playback, as well as distinctive inkjet prints, all backed by Media Supply's replacement guarantee.

  • My advice, when it comes to blank DVDs, stick with major brands. Also, if you have questions about a particular brand of blank DVD, you can also touch base with tech support for you particular and find out if the manufacturer for your DVD has a listing of brands of blank DVDs to avoid, or a list of acceptable blank DVD brands.

    Dave, I have just installed a new DVD burner in my computer (a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-105 internal drive) and am trying to figure out what kind of blank disks I should be using. There are apparently five different blank DVD formats. Do I want DVD-R? DVD-RW? or ?? Also, if I just want to burn lots of data onto a DVD disk, can I use my Roxio Toast Titanium to do so, or do I need to use a special DVD-friendly app like iDVD?

    JVC / Taiyo Yuden (JDMR-WPP-SK8) Premium Line DVD-R 8X White Inkjet Hub Printable Blank DVDR Media Disc 4.7GB in 100 Pack Tape Wrap

    Item Code: 102-759

  • Titan 8X DVD-R White Thermal Hub Printable with Metalized Hub Blank DVDR Media Discs in 50 Wheel-Cap, Duplication Grade (Ridata Code)

    Item Code: 102-772

    Blank media offer a wide range of storage capacity. Blank CDs store up to 700 MB of information, and you can format them for play in a variety of devices from your laptop or desktop computer to your car stereo. Blank DVDs provide 4.7 GB of storage and can be formatted to work with your computer or home DVD player, making them the perfect choice for weekly data backups or to share video recordings with family, friends, or clients.

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