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  • "Not only is the program a unique combination of technology and reading, but it is also able to track the number of books students are reading and quizzing on, as well as the average scores of those quizzes," McCallister explained. "Along with the incentives that exist on the site, this is another unique feature of the Book Adventure program, and one we hope will benefit schools, libraries, parents, teachers, students and literacy organizations across the country."

    Schools and teachers will appreciate the practical applications offered by a computerized, linked reading program. Through the Web site, supervisors can monitor the number of books the children are reading and how well they are doing on the associated quizzes. Book Adventure can serve as an up-to-date indication of the literacy of a class of students, an individual child, or a student body.

  • Book Adventure was designed to be used in many situations. "If a school or organization already has a reading incentive program and needs an accountability piece that demonstrates that students are reading their books, then Book Adventure can be a component of that program," said McCallister. "If a school or library wants to create an incentive program, Book Adventure can stand alone as that program. If a school already has a similar program, then Book Adventure can be used as a supplement to that program or as something to encourage parents to do with their students at home. Book Adventure is a program that can be used by students at home or at school, so it can benefit students as well as both parents and teachers."

    "Right now we are in the middle of our first Book Bonanza, which is a two-month, merit-based contest designed to recognize those students who are getting a perfect score on the most books," she said. "We hope to launch another contest with similar larger scale prizes at the beginning of 2000. Throughout the course of 2000, we also hope to partner with a number of organizations to create national events centered around Book Adventure, because we feel that Book Adventure has the potential to serve as the foundation of a national level literacy program."

  • What are kids reading with the help of Book Adventure? The preferences of young readers are recorded by the program, and it generates a list of the most popular selections.

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Why UDL? Book Adventure allows students to choose from thousands of book titles. This provision of choice is a great way to recruit students' interest.