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There has been justifiable concern recently about BPA leaching from baby bottles into the baby’s formula

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  • There has been justifiable concern recently about BPA leaching from baby bottles into the baby’s formula. The available data indicate, however, that liquid formulas may be a more potent source of infant exposure to BPA.

    BPA is found in a variety of plastic containers, most notably drinking water containers and plastic baby bottles. Earlier this year, the Canadian government issued a warning that BPA poses unacceptable health risks, especially for infants and young children. Canada has since moved to ban BPA in baby bottles and other children’s products, and several states and municipalities in the United States are considering similar measures.

  • Traces of taken from a group representative of the American population, the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found in a 2009 report, illustrating the widespread use of bisphenols in everyday products.

    After several imposed bans on the use of BPA in baby bottles, many companies from their products. Some replaced it with an unknown alternative, later revealed to be bisphenol-S. Many consumers assumed products were safe after being stuck with a "BPA-free" label.

    For this reason, many countries around the world have declared a ban on BPA in infant products. Canada has classified it as a toxic substance. The European Union, China, and Canada have banned it from baby bottles. In 2010, Al Khaleej reported that United Arab Emirates will place a ban on BPA in polycarbonate baby bottles.

  • Canada. In May 2008, to human health and to impose a limited ban on BPA in baby bottles. In October 2010, the Canadian government , setting the stage for further restrictions on the chemical throughout the country.

I’ve read so much about bisphenol A and baby bottles lately

Harmless alternatives to BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups are in demand. With the signing of this bill, California can signal that big chemical company money cannot trump the health of babies and toddlers.