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Brita Advanced Replacement Water Filter for Pitchers, 3 Count

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  • This was my Brita water filter review, I hope you liked it and enjoy this product as much as I do! I give it 5 stars for the ingenious shape, filtered water taste and the economy I make.

    Another reason I bought this Brita water filter was to replace not only my drinking water but also to use it for cooking and to reduce limescale on appliances. I speak here of my iron or steamer, and also my tea or soups, etc. It is a clear difference in taste between foods made with tap water and the ones made using filtered water.

  • Brita Water Pitcher Get cleaner, great-tasting water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water. The Brita pitcher filtration system turns tap water into healthier drinking water. The ion exchange resin filter removes contaminants* that are often found in tap water.

    You can also see our website in this picture so yes, it’s finally a genuine review made for this Brita water filter… Now, let’s start with the beginning. My Brita water filter was bought and you should also buy it online because it’s cheaper.

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  • Filter Head Brita Pro without by-pass
    Brita Filter head for Purity C filters. (BR-1002949) G3/8 connection. 0-70% (without by-pass ). This filter is mainly used in the Purity C1000 AC filter with application coolers, microwave ovens and steam ovens. This Brita filter we give 10 year warranty. ...


    One night I accidentally found while browsing the internet the Brita water filter jug, made by a German company founded in 1966 with extensive experience in water filtration. They are THE GODS of Filtered Water Land. Everything from coffee filters found in vending machines, to big industrial water filters and those simple ones that everyone can use at home. Yes, Brita does them, Brita makes everything related to water!

Step-by-step instructions how to change a Brita water filter

‘My work with farming has made me look more broadly at other areas of sustainability, like the amount of plastic that we’re using. I’ve always been a fan of the BRITA filter, so when I heard they were doing a survey looking into the use of single-use plastic bottles, I decided I had to get involved.’