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How do I find out which items are available to purchase online and pick up at a store in my area

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  • So when Amazon thinks about blurring the lines between physical and online, it takes quite a different tact. It’s blurring the lines by bringing more merchandise once bought at physical retailers online via its marketplace. And it’s using its Pay-with-Amazon as a way to extend its ecosystem to online merchants that want to increase their online conversions and potentially offer a different in-store physical experience, too. There’s nothing to keep a multi-channel retailer from leveraging Amazon Fulfillment Centers so that customers can buy online and pickup in their store in the same day, or even order in the store and have it delivered same day – or same hour.

    “There is this option of buy online and pick up in store, and this is also very convenient," said Iryna Pentina, associate professor of marketing at the University of Toledo. "They can buy it, and it will all be ready for them. And they can just go and pick it up.

  • Doorstep delivery is convenient. But it often costs extra, and it can take a few days. Buy online and pick up in store — for free — and you can put your hands on that new cashmere sweater or Keurig coffee maker almost immediately.

    "What we're really excited about in the store is for the first Christmas ever being able to buy online and pick up in the store. Major convince for our customers we're really excited about," Holtzen said.

    Deloitte back-to-school survey findings:
    66 percent of traditional back-to-school merchandise will be purchased in stores
    61 percent said they'll do their research online first
    25 percent said they plan to use social media to find out about discounts (74 percent) and get coupons (64 percent)
    40 percent prefer to purchase from retailers that offer an option to buy online and pick up in store
    30 percent think they'll shop physical stores less this year because the option to buy online and pick up in store is more convenient

  • Buy online and pick it up in store—for free! Don't want to wait for delivery? Take advantage of this great free program from Kohl's! Shop our great selection of clothing, , and online and choose to pick up in store when you add an item to your bag. Once you're done shopping and you buy the items in your bag, all you have to do is wait for the notification that your order is ready at your local Kohl's! Orders are usually ready within hours—you can't get much faster than that!

when you pick up your order in the store