AL177185 – Ultra-Gard HD cab filter

RE219782 – Ultra-Gard activated carbon cab air filter

Filter kit (includes Ultra-Gard fresh-air activated carbon recirculating cab and main cab filters)

FRAM CF10374 Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter

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  • We’ve found the cabin air filters on our International 7600 cabs seem to clog with dust and dirt quite easily. In fact, depending on the work the trucks are doing that week, the drivers might have to clean out their cabin air filters weekly or even daily to improve airflow from the vents. Our trucks are used mostly in concrete and paving work, but we also do construction site work, so there’s a real mix of conditions we operate in. For example, we may be working on a commercial road or parking lot one week, so the dump trucks will be in a somewhat cleaner environment for part of the time, but also in a dusty environment when they run to a quarry for gravel or asphalt. When working at an excavation site, our trucks are off-road in very dirty and dusty conditions, and then they go to a reclamation facility which is also dusty and dirty.

    Technicians working on heavy-duty trucks might find that the cabin air filters need replacement at relatively frequent intervals, especially when compared with passenger cars and light trucks. Considering the harsh environment our equipment sometimes operates in, this should not be a surprise. At R&S General Contractors, our fleet includes six Class 8 trucks, four of which are tri-axle dump trucks. Once the weather gets hot and humid, like it’s already been this year in Pennsylvania, the drivers start using their A/C more often, and there have already been complaints about the A/C not working like it should.

  • At first, we noticed the cabin filter issue on just one of our trucks, a 2005 International 7600. But then we found it occurs just as often with our 2007 model. That makes sense because they are both pretty much the same truck with basically the same air handling system. Still, once we noticed cabin air filer issues with these two trucks, we decided to examine the filters in our other trucks that have them.

    If a dealership service department or repair shop recommends you get a new cabin air filter, ask to see the current one. Depending on how long the filter has been in service, you might be shocked at what you see: leaves, twigs, insects, soot and grime that literally cover the entire surface that comes in contact with incoming air. You'll know it's time for a new cabin air filter.

    ·        Combination dust and odor filter in one – provides high efficiency and performance without air flow restriction in the cab

    ·        Odor media reduces odors from entering the cab

    ·        Carbon is locked into place by a patented bonding process – will not shift from vibration or cleaning

    ·        Easy to install and remove – no mess of adding loose carbon


    Note: Operators must follow Federal EPA and/or state regulations regarding the use of the proper personal protective equipment when applying pesticides.


    Operators must still wear personal protective equipment, in accordance with the chemical manufacturer’s label

    RE219782 – Ultra-Gard activated carbon cab air filter

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    AL177185 – Ultra-Gard HD cab filter

    At first we thought the frequent clogging might occur only on International’s OEM filters, but the aftermarket filters we purchased clog just as fast. So now it’s part of the driver’s daily maintenance procedures to inspect the cabin air filter. At the end of the day when they stop at the wash house to clean the outside of the truck, they also take the cabin air filter out and blow it off with air. As you might imagine, we can only clean an air filter so many times before it needs to be replaced, but it’s worth the expense to keep the cab clean and the driver cool on these hot summer days.

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