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CablesToBuy 5 feet/1.5 m 7 Pin S-Video Male to 3 RCA Male Cable

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  • Guitar Musician has a full compliment of optical light pip cables for sale and finding the best cables to buy depends on some important factors. The information on these pages should help you decide on the optical light pip cable that best fits your individual needs.

    Choose from a wide range of computer cables to buy and consumer electronic cable to buy like HDMI cables, analog audio/video cables, digital coaxial cables, component cables, DisplayPort, FireWire cables, game console cables for the PSP, PS3, Nintendo Wii, hard drive cables for custom built computers, HDMI/DVI cables, KVM, network cables, optical cables, parallel cables, and USB and USB3.0 cables.

  • Once you are presented with the initial results, you can browse the listings and read the item descriptions to see if a composite video cable meets your requirements. When you have decided which cable to buy, study the item description carefully. The seller should provide information about the connectors for the cable, the cable length, and whether it is new or used. Look at the photos carefully to see whether they are of the actual item, or are a generic manufacturer's image. The photos can give the buyer information about any wear and tear on the cable, especially if it is used. If the photos are unclear, or if more images are required, then contact the seller.

    An connects a guitar, bass, keyboard, or other electronic instrument to an amplifier or preamp that’s intended for direct connection of an instrument. Instrument cables are designed to carry low-voltage instrument signals, and most often have 1/4" phone plug connectors. Depending on the location of the output jack on your instrument, you may want a male jack with a straight or right-angle connector. In deciding how long a cable to buy, keep in mind that longer cable runs are more prone to picking up interference.

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