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My cat is having a diarrhea and our house in under renovation is it because the house is noisy is it the reason why my cat is having diarrhea?

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  • The causes of diarrhea can be very simple, even a sudden change in diet can trigger an episode of diarrhea. One of the first measures a pet owner should take when their cat has diarrhea is with the cat’s diet. It could be that your cat is eating some food that you’re not aware of but it’s always helpful to try a different cat food to see if this resolves the cat diarrhea. Alternatively, diarrhea in cats can also be caused by some kind of traumatic or stressful incident. Even moving homes or introducing a new family member may be enough to trigger diarrhea. However, more serious issues like parasites, infections, cancer, or pancreatic disease can lead to diarrhea; as such, chronic diarrhea definitely warrants a vet visit.

    If your cat has had diarrhea for more than 72 hours, call your veterinarian. Alternatively, call immediately if any of the following signs of illness accompany the diarrhea, as these may be signs of a more serious illness that requires diagnosis.

  • Signs Of Diarrhea
    You might think you know the signs of diarrhea, but they can be quite diverse in any age cat. Frequent, urgent pooping of loose, watery stools are the classic signs that your cat has diarrhea. However, straining to poop can also be a sign, though it might be misinterpreted as constipation. A kitten who has a bout of explosive, watery stool and stays hunched over as if he still needs to go while nothing comes out is actually suffering from diarrhea, not constipation.

    Never give your cat any over-the-counter medications for diarrhea without speaking to your veterinarian first. Cats are highly sensitive to many medications and this can be extremely dangerous.

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    When your cat has diarrhea it means that your cat is passing loose, watery faeces. Sometimes it can become so watery that the cat cannot stop itself passing it and so it may leak from the cat where ever they are.

    Loosing fluids this way means that the cat is also loosing vital nutrients such as salts and sugars called 'electrolytes'. Loosing all these things can lead to serious conditions such as dehydration and related other illnesses.

    Your cat can quickly become dangerously ill from things such as dehydration. This is especially the case if your cat is not drinking water, or if it is vomiting at the same time.

    This is why it is important to deal effectively with cat diarrhoea as quickly as possible.

  • Diarrhea can be caused by medications used for other illnesses, especially antibiotics. If your cat develops diarrhea shortly after beginning a new medication, call your veterinarian to see if another choice might be available.

Cat Diarrhea Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, and More

A number of medications -- including antibiotics -- can cause diarrhea in cats. If your cat develops diarrhea after he starts taking medication to treat a condition, your vet might recommend switching to a different drug to see if that helps. Your cat could develop diarrhea if you suddenly switch to a new type or brand of food or if he develops an allergy or some sort of food intolerance you hadn't suspected.