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Effective Flea Control Methods for Cats

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  • Flea control and prevention is essential for cats with flea bite hypersensitivity. There are numerous options on the market for killing the adult fleas for a period of time, but all should be repeated (as indicated) for continuous flea control. Treatments often are applied as spot-on treatments, which are topical treatments that are applied to a small unreachable area, usually at the top back of the neck where the cat is unable to lick it off. In some cases, oral products may be more useful and practical. Flea shampoos can also be beneficial for young animals or for an flea infestation, but continuous management with one of the long-term products is essential.

    Cats and fleas – just about the worst combination. Fleas get on cats, then they get in your house and then on you. Even worse, some cats are so sensitive to a flea's saliva that they'll itch all over from just one flea bite. Often flea preventive medication will help control the fleas, but what if you want to go the natural route? Here are four simple steps that will help you finally get rid of fleas!

  • Meanwhile, cats with flea allergy dermatitis are apt to show distressful signs - reddish, crusty bumps, for example - even in areas that have not been savagely scratched as well as those that are obviously itching. The lower back, thighs, abdomen, head and neck are among the areas most commonly affected.

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  • During grooming cats eat fleas in their coat, making them difficult to find. An itchy cat, or insect bites on human ankles, may be the only signs of infestation. The best way to show the presence of fleas is to place the cat on a sheet of white paper and comb it. A fine-toothed flea comb may trap one or two fleas in the brushings.

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