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The debut eponymous CD from The Secret Sisters sounds like something that landed straight out of a time machine
The Secret
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The Secret (Unabridged, 4-CD Set)

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  • I must say, I was a huge skeptic of meditation and The Secret till I tried it. Even though I'm skeptical of the LOA, I must say, listening to your soothing CD of The Secret has empowered me to make more money, make sound financial decisions that has boosted my confidence, enhanced my athletic performance, and assited me in the healing of my patients. I hope your significant other doesn't mind my saying this, but seeing your angelic face is a sight for my sore eyes in this world of negativity. Wow! Okay, I won't let myself get carried away. Yet, I still have a long ways to go towards understanding the brain and the quantum power it has to produce our situations. But, I must say, thanks a million for making my life a better one. There is too much for me to tell you in this email, since your CD has changed my thinking and how I deal with even the most impossible of situations. You have no idea. My heartfelt thanks to you. You have a tremendous gift, and I'm glad I'm discovering it in me. (Posted on 6/2/09)

    This is the second cd in the Secret Place series - a journey of worship designed to ignite our passion for God and bring us closer to Him. Nine original songs - one hour of unforgettable anointed worship.

The band combines elements of crust/grind, ..