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The breakdown. (This is where I summarize the prepaid cell phone service up in a few bullet points)

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  • A pediatric conference held at the Baltimore Convention Center provided a forum for health experts to discuss the findings. Yale and Harvard scientists and doctors were particularly vocal about potentially harmful cell phone radiation to the brain development of unborn children. A correlation was found between cell phone use during pregnancy and behavioral problems manifesting in the children as they develop.

    Today, smartphones are everywhere – even our children use wireless technology. Yet, most caring parents don’t seem to be worried about the dangers of cell phones. Unfortunately, new studies are definitively linking cell phone radiation to health issues in children and the unborn babies carried by pregnant women.

  • To choose a cell phone plan, look at the price of the plan, determine what features are important, consider adding on Internet, text message or international calling, and think about insurance for the cell phone. Weigh the options and prices of different cell phone plans with tips from a cell phone salesman in this free video on cellular phones.

    We unpack 395,050 complex cell phone plan combinations from 28 suppliers so you can find a new plan in seconds.

    Samsung Instinct from Sprint Mobile : Just a few days after hitting store shelves, Samsung Instinct has become the fastest-selling EVDO handset in Sprint history. The Samsung Instinct phone was first available exclusively to Sprint customers on June 19 breaking records for the initial launch of any Sprint product. Instinct became available to all customers on June 20; sales continued to be brisk with Instinct breaking Sprint's record for the first week of sales for any mobile device. In the first few days of availability, many Instinct cell phones were purchased by existing customers upgrading their wireless device - we thank our customers for their endorsement of this phone, our Simply Everything pricing plan and our company.

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    Whether you need multiple lines combined in a family plan, or a great value no-contract cell phone plan, you can find what you're looking for at WhistleOut.

Who would have thought cell phone options were around in 1947!

I mean….even some stay away from cell phones. Isn’t that a sign because celebrities are rich and know all the secrets to the universe, right?? Even if you’re super famous you’re still going to want your own phone line to call mom or your spouse or kids. You can’t leave everything to your personal assistants and nannies. So why don’t those famous people like cell phones?