Transfer to glass using clear contact paper.

Clear Contact Paper Labels just print on it and stick!!

Con-Tact Brand Clear Covering Self-Adhesive Privacy Film and Liner, 18-Inches by 9-Feet, Clear Matte

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  • I've never worked with clear contact paper. Judging from pictures of it, I can tell we're gonna battle and it will win. I will break down in tears and profanity, then ask for a drink. How hard is it to work with this and will I find it at Target?

    How to Use Clear Contact Paper. While adhesive-backed contact paper comes in many patterns and colors, the clear variety lends itself to many uses in the home and classroom. The plastic surface of contact paper wipes clean with a damp cloth and is water resistant, making it ideal for covering books, placemats or work surfaces, protecting them from spills and stains. Earth's Kids, an educational resource for parents, recommend you sandwich anything from artwork to plant specimens between two sheets of the paper for easy laminating. You can buy clear contact paper in rolls in household supply and craft stores.

  • I cut a large piece of clear contact paper and taped it securely to the floor. N didn’t need a lot of encouragement to walk on it because this is just inherently fun and feels weird. Lots of giggles or gasps. I credit with this idea.

    Leaf mobile. First, collect colorful fallen leaves. Press them between the pages of a heavy book for a day or two to flatten them. For each leaf, cut two squares of clear contact paper an inch or two wider than your leaf. Peel the backing off of one piece and lay it sticky-side up. Place the leaf in the center, then peel the backing off the second piece and carefully place it on top. Punch a hole for hanging. Trim the edges of the contact paper, leaving a 1/4-inch border. Hang the leaves…

    Clear Contact Paper Transfer Film 18" x 24'
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    Econo Paint Protection Film
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    6" Roll Paint Protection Strip
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    Premium Paint Protection Film
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  • Some Ideas for Clear Contact Paper:
    Office: Stationery holders, box files, office furniture and filing cabinets
    General: Album cover and photo albums

    Childrens bedroom, school things and play things:
    Book covers and toy boxes.

    Some tips on how to use Contact Paper!
    Clean surfaces thoroughly ( with mythylated spirits if greasy).
    The surface must be dry completely.
    Cut Bigger - At least 2cm larger than surfaces to be covered.
    Apply even pressure with cloth or sponge.
    Bubbles and creases - just prick with a pin and smooth away.
    Or lift and re-lay.
    Allow 2cm overlap for joining.

    So easy! Contact Paper is Repositional!

    Cut Peel Stick

    Available in South Africa's major retail outlets.

    Personalize a plain journal with a geometric pattern made from magazine pages. explains how to create your collage and provides several examples. When you’re done, seal your work with Mod Podge or clear contact paper.

How to apply clear contact paper to a window for privacy

DIY Clear Contact Paper Transfers! This is such a fun Technique for transferring images, or photos, onto glass. Perfect for DIY Home Decor and Crafts Projects. A must try for sure!!