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    A company website could actually be a very good way to attract applicants especially if they are really interested in applying to the vacant positions that are advertised. What are the elements of a good website? Well, these things should always be present in a company website:

  • Most of your future clients are searching for a company like yours on the web right now. If you don’t have a construction company website, how will they find you? If you have an old outdated website, it will create the wrong impression about your construction company and you will lose business. Create the best possible first impression about your construction company with your brand new website.

    - When oneninety8 does website design and consulting, the #1 things we see done wrong with most company websites is the site trying to be everything to everyone. Your website should facilitate conversation...not try to be the close.

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    • Main occupation of Streamax Networks company is distribution and delivery of media content.

      Site's main page features a Flash-based animated clip that presents company's merits. Site's inner pages have a mainly informative nature. Graphic elements emphasize textual information and lighten its perception.

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  • Those are the things you want to do when setting up a construction company website. There are also things you want to make sure you don’t want to do, though. Lots of web development companies try to take advantage of the construction companies by creating websites that are hard to update so that the company has to contact the developers every time they want to make changes. Make the text and photos on your site are easy to edit before you finish up with your web designers. Some construction companies even forget to include their contact details on their website at all, which makes it impossible for clients impressed by your portfolio to get in touch with you. They also might forget to keep their target demographic in mind and design a website that will appeal to their average customers. Who are the people that hire you most often? Housewives? Businesses? If your website design appeals to them, they’ll stick around much longer.

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If you really want to make your construction company website shine, there are a few extras you can add. Content like articles or downloadable worksheets about the building process is useful for people who are confused about hiring a construction company. If you work with other businesses on a daily basis, such as plumbers or real estate agencies, see if you can team up with them to offer promotional packages.