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Logitech Keyboard K120

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  • Nowadays, people are becoming more health-conscious. There is a high appeal in developing products that are able to remove disease-causing bacteria. These products can cover objects people regularly use such as computer keyboards, doorknobs, and telephones. They can reduce the chances of spreading diseases from one person to another. [9]

    All your given information is very helpful. Here are some tips to take care computer keyboard:
    Basic Cleaning
    Canned compressed air, lint-free cloth or photographic wipes, mild liquid dishwashing detergent, vacuum cleaner with soft brush
    Intensive Care
    All of the above, plus a small screwdriver (for removing keys), cotton swabs, and 90 percent isopropyl alcohol (available at any drugstore). Note: Do not use ethyl-based rubbing alcohol.
    More Cleaning Tips
    Your keyboard isn’t the only part of your PC that could use tidying: Your PC’s mouse may need some attention. Also, see “Top Tips for PC Hygiene” for more tips.
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  • I have purposefully not cleaned by computer keyboard from last few days and also not while taking its snaps as shown in these two pictures (specially the picture showing the front). The idea behind this was to do preparation for my present and next post that discusses the proper cleaning procedure for a dirty keyboard. The differences in the pictures of the dirty and cleaned keyboard of mine will provide genuineness to the two posts on maintaining your desktop computer keyboard.

    New York — Researchers at North American Science & Technology of Yuck (NASTY) released reports today confirming the nastiest place to eat in the hospital is over a computer keyboard. Thousands of locations were analyzed, including toilet seats, OR floors, resident call rooms, and even patients’ where a panini sandwich was found, and all were cleaner than the computer keyboards.

    Lucallan LK - 7401 desktop computer keyboard

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    - As pointed earlier, don’t let the water and/or beverages fall inside the keyboard as they can damage the keyboard or/and your computer also. Also avoid eating and smoking when using your computer keyboard. Some companies have very strict policy of not allowing their employees to eat, drink and smoke when working on computer and you should also follow this. If you feel that you can’t avoid these, then buy a membrane keyboard where the keys and the inner circuitry of the keyboard are totally covered.

Find other Computer Keyboards...

AT Enhanced Computer keyboard that I have seen as the most commonly used keyboard almost everywhere in recent times has key/s: alphabets, numbers, functions, arrows, Spacebar, Enter (two), Ctrl (two), Alt (two), Delete, Shift, Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock and special characters etc.