Decorating Easy {Contact Paper}

How to cut contact paper (to look like vinyl) with your Cricut

Con-Tact Brand Clear Covering Self-Adhesive Privacy Film and Liner, 18-Inches by 9-Feet, Clear Matte

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  • Two years ago, in March 2011, I set about . Six hours and two home depot trips later I finished. . . having gone a little overboard, wallpapering the closet with contact paper.

    I’m happy to report that the contact paper is still stuck on the wall, and peeled off, with no damage to the walls, when I tried peeling up a corner in the back.

  • Kmart used to have Martha Stewart Living brand contact paper and they still might. The designs were definitely a step beyond the generic country geese themes.

    Where the edges of the contact paper meet the molding on the inside of the closet doorway (see below), there is a small bit of separating from the wall – but occasionally I just press it down to fix it.

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  • Contact paper is a great design tool that fits any budget. In our store you can find various designs and patterns including designer's shelf liners, wood, marble and granite patterns, solid colors and much more.

    Adhesive roll features an easy-to-peel liner and an adhesive that allows it to be re-positioned during installation. This material can be simply cut to length or shape for a custom application.

    Use your imagination to add style to your home!

    Even the hanging bar, which I wrapped in contact paper because it was so ugly, is holding up well. After a few years of use, the contact paper is still holding strong.

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The best part about this project? It was cheap and simple! I spent $4 on a 2-pack of contact paper (I still have a whole roll left) and the project was complete in less than an hour.