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Cool runnings pull ups

Pull-Ups Cool and Learn Training Pants for Girls, Size 2T-3T, 74 Count

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  • I'm totally knocking on wood here, but we started traning last week and we've had pretty success so far. My son turned 3 yesterday. I was against the prize thing, bu it turned out that worked best for us. He ran out of the ten prizes we had for him yesterday and today he's been content just getting a "good job!" from me when he goes. I knew he was ready, and I felt like he just wasn't going to stat using the potty unless he had to. He was content to use diapers it seemed, but had one on th epotty before, etc. So, what I did was make apoint of letting him know he was too big for the diapers they sell at the store and the current box was his last box, we counted how many he had left and eventually we ran out and it was time for him to wear underwear, period. He was totally down with it. He hated the feeling of wet underwear so he did decide just not to wear them, but he also managed to go on th epot when he needed to go, and a week later he's wearing underwear again. We took him to the zoo yesterday for his b-day and had him in a pull up (which we refer to as underwear) and he kept it dry and let us know when he had to go the entire day. He has trouble when he wakes up in the morning b/c he is in a pullup from the night and I think he'd be okay with wearing it all day long if I let him, but eventually I talk him out of it and into underwear. For my son I think it was just a case of 'why stand when he could sit' type thing, 'why go on the potty when he could just go in his diaper' until of course that was no longer an option for him. I did buy ten small prizes and stickers. He put one sticker on his chart when he succesfully went on the pot and after 3-5 stickers he got a prize. Buut, like I mentioned, we're out of prizes and he seems fine with still going. Anyway, good luck! He'll come around. AND to answer your question (ha!) I haven't tried the cool alert pullups.

    The cool alert pull ups are a joke! They barely feel cool and it doesn't last long enough. Not much different than a diaper. I tried pullups as my main source of potty training help and quickly switched to old fashioned training pants. Pullups were saved for going out in public and bedtime. I started my oldest at age 2. He didn't have a lot of interest, but I was on maternity leave and wanted it finished before returning to work. I sat the potty chair in front of the television and turned on his favorite shows. I rewarded him for going with skittles and M&M's. It didn't take long until he got the hang of it and the potty went back to the bathroom. Once he was good at going at home, I went to putting him in "big boy pants" when going to the store, but I put a pull up over them so accidents wouldn't be a total mess. It depends on each parent and child. It is totally up to you. I personally didn't have luck with pullups, cool alert or not. The walmart brand ones aren't bad either, for during the day. Huggies makes night time ones that are great. Good luck!

  • We did try them for our little guy months ago. He was really hard to potty train, and the cool alert pullups didn't seem to make a difference. I would say try them, you never know, they may work for your little guy. And if they don't they would be good to use overnight. Our little boy still has to wear them at night because he often has accidents.

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