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The cost of weight loss surgery.

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  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) began to evaluate the cost of its Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) in 1975. The agency's contractors perform detailed engineering "teardown" analyses, for representative samples of vehicles, to estimate how much specific FMVSS add to the weight and the retail price of a vehicle. This process is also known as "reverse engineering." By July 2004, NHTSA and its contractors had evaluated virtually all the cost-and weight-adding technologies introduced by 2001 in passenger cars and light trucks (including pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, minivans, and full-size vans) in response to the FMVSS. The agency is now ready to estimate the cost and weight added by all the FMVSS, and by each individual FMVSS, to model year 2001 passenger cars and light trucks, and also in all earlier model years, back to 1968. NHTSA estimates that the FMVSS added an average of $839 (in 2002 dollars) and 125 pounds to the average passenger car in model year 2001. Approximately four percent of the cost and four percent of the weight of a new passenger car could be attributed to the FMVSS. An average of $711 (in 2002 dollars) and 86 pounds was added to the average light truck in model year 2001. Approximately three percent of the cost and two percent of the weight of a new truck could be attributed to the FMVSS.

    “Although containing rising rates of obesity is a public health imperative, employers and third-party payers remain hesitant to sink big money into commercial weight loss strategies,” Finkelstein said. “But looking at cost per weight lost or QALY saved, Weight Watchers looked best because it’s the least expensive. Qsymia also showed good value for money because the additional weight loss came at a fairly low cost. To remain competitive, the other programs will either need to up the benefits and/or reduce costs, perhaps through cost-sharing or via other incentive strategies.”

  • To cover the cost with weight loss surgery insurance coverage you should speak to your doctor about putting together a strong case. Different insurers offer different coverage. If you are denied to begin with you should appeal the decision immediately, or you will have to front the cost. You may not be covered for a lot of aftercare such as dieticians and exercise programs, along with supplements.

    Based on the cost and weight-loss data, the average cost per kilogram lost ranged from $155 per kg for Weight Watchers to $338 or more for Jenny Craig. Qsymia came in at $232 per kg.

  • This page contains Round 13 Cost Reports and published national cost weights for public hospitals for interim version 6.0 Cost Weights, AR-DRG version 5.2, Private version 5.1 and Private Day Hospital Facilities (Standalone) version 5.1.

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Please note the Round 14 NHCDC cost weights are not the Activity Based Funding (ABF) Cost Weights that will be used to fund the public hospitals from 1 July 2012. The ABF Cost Weights are currently being developed by the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) and further information about the ABF Cost Weights can be obtained from the .