Naturally occurring crafting table in houses.

A crafting table with an extendable drop leaf and sufficient storage.

A simple design crafting table with ample storage for your crafting materials.

South Shore Crea Collection Craft Table, White

Too low to display
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  • After scouring Craigslist for a craft table with an art paper roll for her daughter for months, finally came across a deal she just couldn’t pass up – an authentic PBK craft table with benches for only $50. The only problem? It was missing the handy dandy paper roll Melanie so desired. Fortunately, she found a quick fix with a closet rod and shares how you can turn any table into an art table!

    Love the Modern Craft Table! It has lots of storage space and tons of workspace on top. We used pine for the shelves and plywood for the top and edged the top with pine.

  • You won't believe this...but today I was shopping for the wood to make the Modular Craft Table, but I did not buy the wood because I was trying to tweek the plans to change the "cubbies" and size. So, I came back to this sight and here is this craft table that would be much better. I want to make it table height rather than counter height so I can sit down and sew at it. I also want to be able to drop the back 12 inches of the table if I do not need it and so it will fit better in my room, wheels on the bottom to pull it out easily so I can extend the 12 inch table when needed. I love what you have done!

    Very nice craft table….I am going to take pre-orders on this….many people are interested in this. Thanks again for another wonderful product from We R Memory Keepers

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    Any Wood Planks

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    Benchmarking Craft a workbench with four blocks of planks Getting Wood Pick up a crafting table from your inventory's crafting field output or a crafting table output. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 10G Bronze

    I love it! I might have to make a craft table for my home office. There’s already a desk in my home office, but I’d like to replace it — my knees keep hitting the bottom of the desk! (Despite the fact that I am more petite than tall!) I really like the labels you added to the bins, and how you attached them with clothespins — very cute! The clothespins would look very cute with some scrapbook paper Mod Podged to them.

Space saving fold up craft table idea.

Me!Me!Me! Then you can show me what is in all those cupboards:) I LOVE your craft table! And why not add the shelves under there. There is always stuff we don’t always need access to– if it were for your use and not your kids. Was the DIY with Sandra your first time ever with wood/machinery? Because if so you are rockin’ it now!