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  • 3. Make the baby book you never had. created her using old photos and newspaper clippings from when she and her sisters were born. Kelli is a triplet which meant her mom had barely enough time to create a baby scrapbook, let alone three—one for each sister. So Kelli borrowed the one baby album her mom created, scanned the images and recreated her baby scrapbook with Shutterfly. She printed two extra copies and now each sister has a book that documents their first few years. It’s never too late to create a baby book.

    To make a baby first year scrapbook come together quickly, choose one coordinating product line to use as the basis for the entire book. Having patterned paper and embellishments in a that can be mixed and matched as needed will let you easily design attractive layouts in 30 minutes or less. Using the same supplies on each page will also allow you to create a baby scrapbook album that "flows" nicely from one layout to the next.

  • One of the most common reasons new parents avoid creating a baby scrapbook album is that they worry the process will be too time consuming. Although it's true creating separate scrapbook layouts for every milestone from baby's first time to baby's would be a substantial project, there's no reason you need to take this approach when making your baby scrapbook album. Creating a first year baby book that features one layout for each month of your baby's life lets you preserve important memories in just a fraction of the time.

    First ask yourself, does it feel easier to create a baby book using an online photo book service or using an off-the-shelf baby book, which we’ll call “offline”? There is no right answer. Whatever feels easier for you. You can create gorgeous albums on , , through iPhoto on your Mac or a variety of online sites. In fact, if there is a baby book site that you absolutely adore, please share!

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    There’s nothing better than baby’s first smile. And the second smile. And the one after that. Compile them all into a baby photo book and share the joy.

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    There’s nothing better than baby’s first smile. And the second smile. And the one after that. Compile them all into a baby photo book and share the joy.

    Create baby photo book

    The baby memory book cover sets the tone for the whole book, so parents should carefully consider what they would like their baby book to look like before buying an . Most albums come in post-bound, spiral-bound, or three-ring binder styles. A post-bound album has two or three metal posts in the middle of the binder, allowing the scrapbooker to add and remove pages as needed by unscrewing the tips of the posts. Spiral-bound albums do not offer the flexibility of post-bound and three-ring binder albums. A spiral-bound album comes with a set number of pages that are attached by a spiral ring. This makes it impossible to remove or change the order of the pages. For this reason, parents should use post-bound or three-ring binder albums so that they can add pages to their albums in any order that they like. This versatility is useful for parents who are creating a baby book as their baby grows up because they never know when they might capture a photograph that is perfect for one of the sections that has already been created.

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Create a baby memory book that you'll cherish forever. Mixbook's customizable baby photo books will beautifully showcase all your infant photos and milestones. Or, start a blank book and create the perfect page designs to make it uniquely special.