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  • , THANK YOU to the citizens of Springfield, IL for their kindness and hospitality and especially to the Staab Family without whom this project would never have existed. Custom Wagons was one of the build teams of Combat Veterans for the reconstruction of the Abraham Lincoln Hearse and the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of his burial in Springfield’s Oak Ridge Cemetery.

    Wagon Wheels, Wood Wagon Wheels, Cannon Wheels, Custom Wagon Wheels and Horse Drawn Wagon Wheels. Wagon Wheel Chandeliers, Yesterdays Handmade Wagon Wheels, Handmade in the USA Today. For 50 years Wagon Wheels and Wagons is what we do. That is why we sell more Wagon Wheels and Wagons than anyone else.

  • , When Dunkin' Donuts wanted their new Dunkin' Donuts Pumpkin Muffins TV Commercial, with a play on Pumpkin Chunkin and a catapult would be a good idea, which meant Custom Wagons got a call to make the Wheels for the catapult.

    Decoration is easy at Custom Wagons, from the yard to the home; we have everything to decorate your home with a rustic, country, or western decor. From Wagon Wheels, Wagon Wheel Chandeliers, law and yard carts, Wood Butter Churns, and Wood Buckets.

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  • Horse Drawn Wagons, Horse Drawn Buggys, Carriages handmade. Buckboards to a Surrey, Spring Wagons to Chuck Wagons, Stage Coach to a Hearse, Yesterdays Horse Drawn Wagons, Handmade in America Today, in any size or type of horse drawn wagons or wagon wheels.

    Our Wagons, Buggys and Carriages are horse drawn road ready and will give years of quality service. Horse drawn wagons, buggies, carriages, or a real full size stage coach, at Custom Wagons we can make your project come alive. From Spring Wagons to Buckboards, Dr. Buggy's to a new Surrey, Contact Us for any item that you do not find listed on our web site.

    You will find our Custom Wagons, Buggys and Carriages in the movies, parks, and even on Broadway. For over 48 years we have been building quality Wagons, Buggys and Carriages, even a Horse Drawn Hearse. If you are looking for a specific item, please Contact Us. Construction time will vary depending on our work load at the time of your order and can be up to six months.

    We know that when you have questions, you want answers. Questions, answers, or just to say hello, you can reach Custom Wagons with the information below.

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We have complete wagons or bolt-on kits that allow you to transform your wagon in the garage into something fun. No matter what the build, upgrading to a suspension kit or just adding larger wheels, we let you customize your wagon to fit your style!