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Day-Timer Monthly Planner Refill 2017, Two Page Per Month, Loose Leaf, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2", Desk Size (87229)

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  • I have used the Day-Timer portable in the Filofax binder for years… especially after my Day Timer binder finally fell apart. The combination of fillers I use is the 2 page per day (and I use the Flavia because I like the format and I was tired of the green) and I add a Day-Timer “Pocket Advanced Planner” calendar that is meant for the wire bound version, but it has the entire year (actually 18 months) in a little stapled notebook. It fits in my Portable binder on the left and provides the view ahead (or back!) that I can’t otherwise get.

    has been at the tops of the rankings for Day Planners for a long time. They have a style to fit almost any need. Personally, I think the best format would be the 2 pages per week format for most busy moms. However, for the professionals out there, it may be best to go with a 2 pages per day format. What am I talking about? The ability to customize YOUR Day Timer to YOUR needs.

  • In a previous post reviewing the Day Timer Garden Path Desk Binder, I briefly mentioned the inserts. I’ve been using the Garden Path inserts on and off since 2008 or 2009. I loved the pastel colours and the faded flowers that filled the pages. Then, when I bought my 2012 calendar I was disappointed to see that they’d changed the design (to this day I believe they still have the old style pictured for the note pads).

    Oh! I have the 2011 daytimer portable flavia inserts! I got the month on 2 pages, week on 2 pages, and day on one page. I tried a day on two pages (daytimer flavia portable) in 2009 but that didn’t really work out for me. I only ever use the filofax personal/daytimer portable size since that works for me. I have to see what leaves/formats fit my life in 2011 …. Good luck and enjoy yours!

  • It took me 2 attempts to get a response from Daytimer UK site. My first message via their web contact form was missed or ignored, so today, I sent an email to the address on my invoice, asking about care and cleaning of the Garden Path binders, as I’d mentioned in my.

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