I’ve reviewed quite a few digital radios and suggest the following:

Information about reception problems affecting Digital Radio

XINDELL Shark Fin Car Radio Signal Antenna Aerials with 3M Adhesive for Nissan Qashqai Chevrolet Cruze (Black)

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  • TAG : PURE Move 2500 Personal DAB Digital FM Radio Silver
  • iPod hook-up, full European navigation, seamless Bluetooth mobile phone integration and DVD-playback all brought to you via touch-screen technology and a super-fast Central Processor Unit make this the ultimate multimedia system. and over the next week we’re going to explore some of the cool features and benefits digital radio has to offer. Stay tuned…

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  • We’re very excited to introduce the first multimedia system from featuring cutting-edge digital radio technology. The all-new DNX4210DAB offers playback of hundreds of radio stations at the touch of a button – giving you instant access to sport, news, jazz, classic, rock even 60s, 70s and 80s music. The easy-search system makes finding the right station quick, and once tuned in the latest technology means that listening to digital radio on the move is free of annoying breaks and distortion.

    The Shintaro Digital Radio is a new and exciting way for you to tune into your favourite radio stations. Offering exceptional sound and signal quality, the Shintaro digital radio also has a range of integrated features to enhance your listening experience.

    A simple DAB+ tuner for those wanting to upgrade their current sound system for digital radio.


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    Naturally because it’s digital a range of different sound problems can occur — just like suboptimal digital TV reception you can get unpleasant squealy audio glitches or sound dropping in and out like a GSM mobile phone with bad reception. However many digital radios come with a big extendable antenna (about twice as long as an average FM radio) that gives them better reception.

Sportsnet Double-Digit Television, Digital and Radio Growth

Millions of people who have invested in new digital radios were yesterday wondering whether they would be left with little more than expensive ornaments after Britain's biggest commercial radio group all but abandoned the medium.