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  • Disposable apps should be an integral part of your mobile customer experience strategy. They can help to give your customers “mobile moments,” a term coined by . Michel Falcon has introduced the term “”, which also accurately reflects what disposable mobile apps can do for you.

    After reading that excellent SF Gate article, I got to wondering about the other disposable mobile phone provider we covered, . I wandered over to the site and took a look at everything it had to offer. The site is only about 7 pages in total, and appears not to have been updated for quite a while. In fact, the more I look at it, the more the pictures appear to be right out of someone's practical joke book. The company apparently got a patent on disposable cellphones in 1999, but since then nothing has happened. Here's on the patents and the invention.

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    Battarix™ is a highly reliable & simple to use disposable mobile battery that instantly boosts your smartphone’s life with 3 hours extra talk-time, ensuring you’re connected for when you need it the most.

    A new disposable mobile phone has been launched in France.

    The ready-to-go phone is made by a company better known for its pens, razors and lighters. Wendy Urquhart reports.

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  • Disposable mobiles – Australia, student (9:07pm EST Thu Nov 18 2004)
    Its funny because for a year 11 buisness assignment we had to invent a product that would be useful in todays society and without any knowledge that a disposable mobile phone was actually being created, i thought that i was the newest inventor, ha ha but i did surveys and the over all out come was that people are keen for this product to come on the scene.

    keep up the good work by Emily

    These disposable mobile phones can be bought from the carrier websites. After you select your desired carrier you need to choose the handset company. You can buy the handsets with good talk time at Walmart, Target, Amazon, eBay, Circuit city, Rite Aid stores.

ZTE Z222 Go Phone (AT&T) by ZTE USA

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