Pink Dragonfly Mobile. Other colors avail

Dragonfly Mobile by AngDarling on Etsy, $30.00

Color-Changing LED Solar Dragonfly Mobile

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  • Dragon City Mobile is a fun game that works well for both children and adults. Many will be turned off by the buy-to-expedite game mechanics of in-app purchases; but since these are purely optional, as is social integration, the game can be played solo for free and still be quite a bit of fun. If you're looking for a new city builder, this is a great one to check out.

    Dragon City Mobile is one of the finer made city management games on the App Store. While not wholly different from many of its contemporaries, it is fun to play and incredibly deep in terms of content. The goal of the game is to generate resources, build habitats and buildings, and then hatch and grow dragons. Players must feed their dragons, which requires the creation of farms to grow food. Every resource in the game is limited so they must be carefully distributed, though you can gain more resources at any time by sharing with friends or simply paying for them with in-app purchases. This mechanic is purely optional, however, and the number of free features included already allow for hours of engaging gameplay.

  • Combined with notifications and a powerful processor with online connectivity (meaning social sharing), games like Dragon City Mobile are ripe for explosive popularity.

    The dragonfly mobile exceeded my expectations! I did not realize it would change colors during the evening hours - it is just beautiful. As dragonflies are my theme in and out of the house, this product is a welcome and enhancing addition. I may have to purchase a second one.

  • This is my second set of the WindWeather Solar Dragonfly Mobile - the first having been a gift to me a year ago. Sad to say that the first set has 'bit the dust' since one of the dragonflies was either chewed loose from it's cord or it just decided to disconnect. When the one was disconnected from the others, all but two lights stopped working; now they are all in the dark.

3D Moving Dragon GIF | Animated Dragon Mobile Wallpaper

Why We Want it in Our House: We expect modern, unique design from Boon and their take on the nursery mobile is no exception. Fli is a Dragonfly Mobile that attaches to the ceiling and the articulating wings can be adjusted. The result is a pair of Dragonflies that float above baby’s crib.