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Kaolin, The Earth spirit is a hero from . He is a Strength  hero.

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  • After reading every patch note you can see that Earth Spirit has been constantly nerfed and he definitely needed them. So sometimes, not nearly as much as before, I would see on forums and in game "Earth Spirit underpowed icefraud buff plz" after every Earth Spirit Nerfing. Let's take a look shall we?

    1. Save allies from 1100 distance

    2. 2000 range stun (Thanks 6.82)

    3. Long Distance disables

    4. Very high strength gain for a typical support and high int gain for a hero

    5. Can solo kill (possibly more) mostly anyone once he hits level 6

    6. He has great damage potential early and past level 6 (~600 damage if all skills are hit at level 6 without using extra stones)

    7. Aghanim's Scepter is insane (You will see later in the guide)

    8. Incredible crowd control including a stun, silence, and slow.

    My spirit is in harmony.

    When I see an Earth Spirit Nerf every patch I look at it with optimism and he gets closer and closer to Captain's mode by every patch. I am going to look at the most recent patch and explain it over and how Earth Spirit has grown from it. Let's start.

    A lot of information here, but I want to take a look at the most important change.

    No this isn't a nerf

    You might or might not be surprised but let me explain.
    and now have the same manacost and damage.

    This is very important to the skill build of because now you aren't strictly forced into maxing . In my skill build I changed the standard to maxing Q for multiple reasons. The cooldown is greatly reduced, the stun duration is increased, and the damage is increased. Before it was nice to have a 275 damage nuke on your , but you had to a sacrifice a remnant to do that. doesn't require a to deal damage so 's farming has increased which is important for a hero who used to have poor wave clear and solely depended on hero kills. Maxing this first also, as I mentioned, reduces the cooldown compared to before when you would leave at level 1 for a bit so this also increases his farming.

    And the nerf is a pretty large nerf, but with this counter-buff, I say optimistically that he is a better hero.

  • Description:

    Casting range: 1100

    Max charges: 6

    Charge restore time: 30

    Duration: 120


    Without Stone remnants Earth Spirit because significantly weaker. This is an inate ability meaning you get it at level 1 without using a skill point. Stone remnant synergizes with his whole entire skill set so always be cautious on how you spend these remnants.

    Hello everyone! My dotafire username is dumpkin and I'm gonna tell you a bit about myself. I started playing Dota 2 at around the end of 6.78. My best role in the game so far is the supporting role whether it's the ward slave (jokes aside), your trilaner, or a roaming support. Supporting, in my opinion, is the most important role because who else would win you the early game, your Spectre? No, the supports are what holds the early game in its grasp. The supports open up a lot of space and controls the map early and late with warding. Earth Spirit happens to be one of the best early and late game heroes out there with lots of damage potential early and repositioning utility in the late game. He is also an excellent mid and a viable solo offlaner which I have also updated to be included in this guide. I have been attracted (pun intended) to Earth Spirit as soon as he was introduced into Dota 2 and we've all watched him grow up. So as a support player, Earth Spirit is one of the best out there, although niche as a support. I currently have a 54%~ win rate with him so by no means is he a bad hero. In this guide, I will teach you the skills, some tips and tricks, how to deny lane creeps in every lane, how to combo, laning partners and wombo combo partners, and so much more! Read along so you can get a better understand of

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  • Description:

    Casting range: 1100

    Radius: 180

    Stone damage: 50/100/150/200

    Pull speed (Remnant): 1000

    Pull speed (ally): 600

    Silence duration: 2.5/3/3.5/4

    Cooldown: 13

    Mana Cost: 100


    Geomagnetic Grip is Earth Spirit's bread and butter skill (in my opinion). You can pull a rock from 1100 distance, damaging enemies for quite a lot and silencing them for a max of 4 seconds. The best thing about this ability though is that you can pull allied units. Your teammate just got quadruple stunned? Pudge hooked your carry? Well this skill is a huge 'NOPE'. Enemies will start to hate you after a while. Later down this guide I have a section for denying creeps with this mechanic. Since creeps don't destroy creeps when pulled, they can be locked in the trees to deny the other laners experience. Try not to use this to finish off heroes as a support, this skill is a useful silence and should be used to jump on unexpecting heroes. Max this second to increase your overall nuke damage and silence duration.

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Earth Spirit pulls the target allied unit or Stone Remnant to his location. Enemies struck by the flying target will be stunned, and take damage if the flying target is a Stone Remnant.