12 Pack of Roach Cafe Egg Crates

For people who want the increased sound-deadening qualities of 2 inch wedge foam, eggcrate foam...

Everyday Home Egg Crate Ventilated Foam Mattress Topper, Twin/X-Large

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  • Along with those attractive factory options, this car has been imbued with a bunch of aftermarket parts as well as kibbles and bits from other Volvos. The ad notes the addition of an autodimming mirror from a C70, a V70R front bumper and door card inserts, and an egg crate grill which I think is from the XC70. Notable non-Volvo parts include Koni adjustable struts and shocks, ipd springs, and a refreshed front suspension chock full of stuff from Meyle.

    Stripboxes come in a few different sizes but I use 2ft x 1ft versions. They are small narrow light modifiers which produce a relatively narrow beam of light, at least when compared to many others. As the surface area is far smaller than say a large rectangular softbox, one has far more control over where the light will fall and where it won’t. If you add what’s called an egg crate (a fabric mesh) to the front you can cause the light emitted to narrow further.

  • First, I cut out a 6-piece egg crate that fits perfectly into the door of my fridge. I then borrowed my kids' water colors and brushes. My favorite ones are from an art set. And you will need a small container for clean water as well as a paper towel so that the paint doesn't transfer onto your working surface. Most water colors are washable, but if you ARE anything like me, you avoid cleaning like the plague...

    I recently gave a present with a bird theme and used a single egg crate piece to hold a necklace. I didn't just want the natural egg crate look, so I painted it the color of the present's theme - I really deep aqua. This idea inspired me to make this craft and jazz up the inside of my fridge.

    Egg crates are a great material for crickets to grow and breed in. This items is for 20 egg crates.
    Availabilty: IN STOCK
    Price: $5.99

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    Egg crates are a great material for crickets to grow and breed in. This items is for 20 egg crates.
    Availabilty: IN STOCK
    Price: $5.99

    For product photography, I use a stripbox for all sorts of things. In conjunction with a scrim (my choice being the ) one can use a stripbox to create gradients on glossy products. You could place them above a bag and have a lovely strip of light across the top edge, and with the egg crate on and light at a sharp angle to your subject, you can use them to bring out detail in fabric without being quite as harsh as other modifiers.

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The EC300 Egg Crate (Eggcrate) Grille is a specialized custom product manufactured by Architectural Grille on-site at our factory in Brooklyn, NY.