Mini external speaker, 5W, with mount


Astatic 302-VS4 5W/8Ω Noise Cancelling External Cb Speaker

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  • The HSN1006A EXTERNAL SPEAKER IS A MOTOROLA ORIGINAL SPEAKER. THE HSN1006A SPEAKER is A 6 WATT Amplified Speaker, 5" round, and Weather Resistant. The HSN1006A is replacing HSN1006 and HSN1000B. HSN1006A EXTERNAL SPEAKER. Approximate Size is 5" x 5" x 2 3/8"

    With an app called Hue Disco ( and ), you can play any song you want and your Philips Hue lights will dance to the music. The app uses your smartphone’s mic to listen for any music coming from external speakers, and from that, will analyze the beats and do its best to sync the lights to the music.

  • « A » is available in two versions: Original (20x20cm / 8″ sq.) and Junior (9x9cm / 3.5″ sq.) both of which can be fixed to a stand or wall-mount. « A » gets plugged through its core. There are two line-input/outputs so you can plug in your smartphone to the first one and link up another « A » through the second. Like any other external speaker, you can connect « A » to any of your audio devices through a 3.5mm mini-jack—smartphones, tablets, computers, stereos, TVs or mp3 players.

    The BC15 external communication speaker features 15 watts max power and amplifies CB, 10 meter, or scanners granting greater ease to hear all of the action as it happens over the air waves. The BC15’s built in noise blanker helps to reduce electrical interference that other manufacturer’s accessory speakers allow to bleed through.

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  • SD (Secure Digital) or MMC (MultiMediaCard) memory cards, from 32MB to 1GB
    16 Keys matrix keyboards (4x4)
    High performance outdoor and public address speakers (100W)
    External speaker 5W
    External speaker 10W
    Mini speakers 8W
    Ceiling mount speakers 12W
    Acoustic & Directional Dome speakers
    Power supplies- standard 15W (220V/12V)
    Power supplies- high power 30W(Rail Din)
    Battery & Batteries packs
    Solar panels
    Anti Vandalism buttons
    Sensitouch trigger (on contact works as a simple button)
    Sensitive carpets
    Infrared photoelectric sensor
    InfraRed sensor/detector
    Multitrigger 24 input (picoJB, or Serial bBox)

    The peak detector allows the control of an external system with audio level modulation via a bBox.

    e.g. animatronic, lipping, lighting, ....


    Net Adaptor Ethernet TCP/IP - Serial RS-232/485

    Profibus Adaptor - Serial RS-232/485
    Serial adapter with PC connector

    The Uniden Bearcat BC15 15 Watt Communication Speaker is an external accessory speaker that offers enhanced audio pleasure from CBs, ham radios, and scanners. Rugged and durable enough for any mobile application, the Uniden BC15 is a great looking speaker with a two-toned black and silver face-plate that is also at home in any Ham shack.

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This external CB speaker has a crisp, clear sound that doesn't dissapoint. It includes a speaker wire with a 3.5mm jack, mounting bracket, and mounting hardware.