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  • Workers expressed shock when Syratech informed them that it had licensed the Farberware name to another manufacturer. The company's name was not disclosed, but union officials say they think it is foreign. Syratech told the workers that it would still lease them the factory's equipment to continue making cookware. But shorn of the famous Farberware name, the pots and pans might also lose their market, workers said.

    "I'm pessimistic about the plant's chances," Wilson Flores Jr., a foreman on the nonstick cookware line, said. "It would be different if we still had the Farberware name."

  • At a news conference yesterday, factory workers, state officials and union leaders said they felt betrayed by the factory's new owner, the Syratech Corporation, which had indicated that it might market the cookware after selling the Farberware name and plant to an employee-owned company.

    When Syratech threatened to close the plant after acquiring it two months ago, city, state, borough and union officials tried to persuade the Boston-based company to work out a plan under which Farberware could continue being made there. In an interview yesterday, Mr. Florence said that the officials had not come up with a package that made economic sense to him.

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    The 700 workers at the Farberware cookware factory in the South Bronx had been hoping that the plant's new owner would do right by them, but this week they got the news they did not want to hear.

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