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Ferret Nation Accessory Kit 2
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Use these tips on cleaning ferret cages to make the task as quick and easy as possible.

Prevue Hendryx 485 Pet Products Feisty Ferret Home with Stand, Black Hammertone

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  • Some pet stores now sell Ferret Nation cages but the best prices by far are usually found online, with and the best places to buy your their amazing new home.

    The add-on cage is new and will only work with the newer FN 181 and FN 182 models. It won’t fit and lock into earlier Ferret Nation cages such as the FN 141 and FN 142.

  • We have one of the largest selections of ferret cages available anywhere! Our cages are of the finest quality, and you can choose between PVC-coated wire or galvanized wire. All cages are designed for safety and durability for your frisky ferrets.

    The integrated shelf on the bottom is a great place to store extra food, toys, and bedding, and the attached casters allow you to easily move Ferret Nation cages from room to room, so that you’re never far from your favorite ferrets.

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Ferrets are fun-loving, cheeky creatures that need lots of room to climb and run. Your ferret’s cage, therefore, needs to be spacious, with plenty of toys and accessories. Ferrets are normally happy to live in a group, so you should choose a ferret cage with a generous surface area – 76 x 41cm is an ideal minimum. The best ferret cages have space for distinct sleeping and play areas, as well as ample room for a litter tray and food dishes. Many ferret cages for sale are sturdy metal units spread out over two or more levels, which is ideal for height-loving ferrets. Always ensure that your ferret cage has a smooth base – these pets do not tolerate wire-bottomed cages well, as their feet are not adequately padded to walk on them. Glass makes an excellent base, and you can always add a pane over a plastic or metal cage floor for ease of cleaning.