How to Make Backyard and Basement Worm Farms: 10 Steps

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Uncle Jim's Worm Farm European Nightcrawlers Composting and Fishing Worms 2 Lb Pack

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  • I read several articles online and they all made different recommendations on nearly every aspect of creating a worm farm. So using what similarities were common and my own best judgment I pieced together a rather simple and crudely designed fishing worm farm for less than twenty dollars. This is the first fishing worm farm I have ever made, and I'm very interested in seeing how it will turn out. If you are reading this and are considering using my method I'm sure you are too, and that is why I will make update posts periodically in the comments section about how my worms are doing, if I make any changes etc.

    Few things are more enjoyable than catching a big fish, and few things are better for catching a variety of big fish than live fishing worms. If you are someone that goes fishing often like myself, then you probably know that this highly common live bait can get expensive after several trips. Even if you don't mind the price of fishing bait worms, you may have experienced the gut wrenching feeling of dread that comes over you when you realize that you are nearly out of live fishing worms while you are out in the middle of nowhere on your fishing trip. These two key annoyances led me to a spontaneous and some what eccentric decision. I decided to make a worm farm for raising fishing worms. I got my fishing worm farm started today and hopefully within a few months I will have a growing army of fishing bait and will never have to buy worms or worry about running out again.

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