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Remington F5-5800b Men'S Dual Foil Intercept Electric Shaver F55800.

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men's Electric Razor, Electric Shaver, Black

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  • Here’s where foil electric shavers tend to have an advantage. It’s just a lot easier to make a more efficient pattern in a relatively large curved rectangle than with a relatively small, thin disc. That hole pattern frequently consists of three different opening types. One type is often a short slit, another a rounder hole, and a third a (relatively) wide, long slot. There’s a lot of variation from one model to the next, of course, but in general that’s the common pattern.

    The Remington F4800 Dual Foil - X Foil Dry Electric Shaver features two foils which flex individually, allowing the razor to glide over the natural contours of your face without irritating the skin, plus flex and pivot technology which allows you to adjust the angle of the head to suit your face and neck.

  • Electric shaver is an electrical device, which is used for shaving purpose, for removal of unwanted hair from body with oscillating or rotating blades behind a metal guard. Electric shaver provides the most convenient means of shaving. Electric shavers generally come in foil shavers and rotary shaver. In foil electric shaver, two or more cutting blades arranged on top, which move back and forth in a vibrating mode under a foil with small holes that catch and cut the hairs. The other kind is the rotary shaver, which on its faceplate that has one or more round cutting heads with blades rotating under a grid with holes where the hair collected and cut off by the rotating cutting blades.

    “The eternal discussion”. Sounds deep, no? Not really. It’s just that deciding which is better – a foil electric shaver or a rotary model – becomes endless. The reason isn’t at all obscure.

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  • CLICK HERE for the SPF-PF replacement foil and cutter for the Remington PF7500 Shaver

    CLICK HERE for Remington Shaver PF7500 Shaver Users Manual

    Remington Men's Flex and Pivot Dual Foil Shaver Remington’s PF7500 twin foil electric shaver features Pivot and Flex technology with surgical steel blades for a close, comfortable shave. This corded and cordless electric shaver has a pop up trimmer, a 60 minute shaving time, 2 hour full charge, 5 minute quick charge, and is washable for easy cleaning.

  • Neck Pivots freely for a close, comfortable shave in 1/2 the time.
  • Rechargeable Cordless and Corded Razor.
  • 2 Flexing Foils adjust to your face, chin & jawline.
  • Pop Up Trimmer for side burn trimming and hard to cut hairs.
  • LED Low Battery & Charging indicators.
  • Auto World-Wide Voltage.
  • 60 Minute Runtime for 20 Days of Shaving.
  • 5 minute quick charge for a single shave
  • Rinseable Design cleans quickly and easily under the faucet.
  • 5 Min. Quick Charge Battery fully charges in 2 hours.
  • One overlooked accessory to consider: a carrying case. The heads and foils on electric shavers are delicate and need to be protected. Most shavers come with some kind of carrying or protective device. We were surprised, and a little disappointed, to see that the Braun Series 9 came with a soft fake-leather case that offered less protection than the semi-hardshell case supplied with our Series 7. Lower-end shavers tend to come with plastic head guards; they snap on for transport. They work, but we managed to lose almost every one of them during our months of testing.

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Achieve a great shave with the Remington F5800 Dual Foil - X Foil Dry Electric Shaver. It features triple shave technology, which combines an intercepting system for the pre-shaving of longer hairs with dual foils which give a smooth and close finish. The flex and pivot technology allows you to change the angle of the head, so that it effortlessly glides over the contours of your face.