How to Make a Miniature Garden Without Living Plants

Garden design without plants

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  • Do you have any suggestions for practical, low-maintenance, novel or artistic ways to landscape a garden without plants? Share your ideas in the comments below!

    While California’s native plants have graced gardens worldwide for over a century, few of the landscapes designed for our state’s gardens reflect the natural splendor for which California is famous. By gardening with native plants, you can bring the beauty of California into your own landscape while also receiving numerous benefits.

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    Visit a native plant nursery. Your local CNPS chapter is a great source for plant suggestions. Many have their own plant sales where members are eager to share their experience and knowledge. Make your selections, and then follow the supplier’s instructions for placing and caring for your new plants. Find more information at native plant nurseries and their websites. With a little curiosity and research, you can broaden your plant palette. Choose plants that flower through the seasons. Fill your garden with plants that display a riot of colors, have deliciously aromatic leaves, or attract specific wildlife. Plant a themed landscape such as a rock garden or wildflower meadow. Discover natives that are deer-or fire-resistant. In every garden, the right environment (sun, soil, water, etc.) must be found or created for plants to thrive. It is easier and advisable to select plants that suit the site rather than to modify the site to suit the plants. Like all gardens, even established native landscapes require some routine maintenance to look their best.

  • So, as for my question about gardens without plants, the answer is certainly yes – a garden without any plants at all would be a garden of pure sculpture. Its colours and textures could be as varied as those of plants. It would capture or reflect the moods of the weather and the seasons and come to life as sunlight moved around it. But the combination of construction and planting is perhaps the most satisfying because of the balance and complement it gives the garden.

Creating a Zen garden means harnessing the power of illusion

How to Make a Miniature Garden Without Living Plants. Creating a Zen garden means harnessing the power of illusion. These gardens can be designed without living plants or water, making them ideal for postage-stamp-sized backyards or tiny indoor spaces.