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No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can (CARB Compliant)

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  • Dylan Kornegay's mother Karen has started a website in her son's given first name, Matthew, to educate others about the hazard of plastic gas can explosions. The website is called "Matthew Didn't Know."

    The gas can industry is "intently" studying whether to add arresters, said Moscella. "We can only add that to the can if it won't make the can less safe."

  • After inquiries from NBC News and a review of both injury reports and flame-arrester engineering the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a statement calling on the consumer gas can industry to incorporate flame-arrester technology into its gasoline containers.

    They allege that the gas cans are "susceptible" to such internal combustion explosions and are therefore "dangerous," "unsafe" and "defective" for a specific reason: because their design does not include a flame arrester, a part the lawsuits allege could prevent flashback explosions.

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  • Item #: NSR1450
    Manufacturer: NO-SPILL LLC
    Manuf. Part #: 1450
    Weight (lbs): 2.9
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    In addition, CPSC is asking voluntary standards organizations to incorporate a flame arrestor system into applicable safety standards for gas cans."

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The tests show that under certain limited conditions—including a very low volume of gasoline left inside—a flashback explosion can occur inside a plastic gas can, when gas vapor escaping the can contacts a source of ignition such as a flame or a spark. The vapor outside the container can ignite and "flash back" inside the can. If it does, and if the gas/air vapor mixture inside the can is a certain concentration, that mixture can ignite and cause an explosion of flame.