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Prince Of Peace Instant Korean Panax Ginseng Tea - 100 Count

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  • Prince of Peace Instant Dark Brown Sugar Ginger Tea is specially made from ginger extract, brown sugar and honey. The naturally sweet and spicy flavor make this instant drink a year-round favorite health drink. Serve hot, this delightful cup of Dark Brown Sugar Ginger Tea will warm you instantly from the inside.

    To make tea, pour about 240 ml hot or cold water over the Instant Dark Brown Sugar Ginger Tea, stir well before drinking. Add ice for desired cold drink.

  • When it gets cold starting October, some nights I make insam-saenggang (ginseng-ginger) tea with honey for my husband and myself.(What I mean by ‘making the tea’ here is that I boil water, mix ginseng and ginger tea with perfect amount of honey. =))

    i am using china gingseng tea regular, Drinking 500 ml hot water with gingseng tea in a day. Is this beneficial for my body if I drink daily this quantity and what benefit ?

  • Ginger Tea: Crush up an inch of ginger root and add it to boiling water. This homemade tea reduces inflammation in about the same amount of time as it would take an aspirin to work. It has been used for centuries in Asia to treat a number of ailments.

Ginseng is a restorative and gives a boost to health and vitality

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