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  • The GoPro camera comes as good news to many camera enthusiasts, especially those who want to create high quality videos. Time Lapse videos are fascinating to watch and with GoPro, creating them is very easy.

    You will begin by turning on your GoPro camera then using the menu button, toggle until you can see the settings’ menu. Using the shutter button at the top, enter the menu and navigate through until you find the default power-up mode’ option. After that, click on the shutter button and toggle down to the photo every x’ seconds’ option.

  • With an item like the Go Pro Camera, you can expect quality pictures that are taken in 11 MP bursts, or one every 0.5 seconds when in time lapse mode and also still photos. The camera has motion sensors that allow you to capture the action even if you do not remember to set the timer every time. It features professional low light performance so you can capture the action no matter where you are. This camera is also fairly light for the amount of power that it has weighing in at about 1.7 pounds.

    After creating a timelapse on your GoPro camera, you may need to know a few things about the math behind it. This is a very important thing to note and even plan for because it will save you a lot of time. First of all, you need to know what the 1, 2, 5, 30 and 60 seconds mean.

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    I first came across in December 2007 at a motorsport event where drivers were fitting these little cameras all over the place – to their helmets, outside of the car, inside of the car. GoPro cameras can be used to record sports and activities where there isn’t a cameraman on hand, or it’s not possible hold the camera yourself or stopping and setting up static video shots doesn’t work – motor cross, surfing, car racing, mountain biking, skateboarding, climbing etc – why not unicycling!

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This is my most recommended non-GoPro action camera. It's supersmall and lightweight; it has a removable battery; built-in Wi-Fi with NFC for easier pairing with an Android device; it has electronic image stabilization; it's splashproof, but comes with a housing to make it waterproof to 5 meters (16 feet); and has a tripod mount, but also works with Sony's collection of mounts. Shooting options rival that of the Hero+ LCD, and for about the same price you can pick up the Mini with a Live-View Remote, which basically puts a small LCD on your wrist to control the camera and get a view from its lens. Available at .