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  • The Cromwell family line, as it turns out, is the most powerful clan of witches in Halloweentown, a world that lies in a different realm and has served as home to the creatures of Halloween since their split from Earth centuries prior. Aggie is the eldest of the family and Gwen, too, is a respected witch- only she rebuked the world she knew as home to marry a mortal and embrace the "normal life." Her decision forged a rift in their relationship, but more importantly to the film, it makes Marnie the next in line. Not only has Gwen kept Marnie's true roots hidden all these years, but she plans to keep it a secret past her thirteenth birthday, at which point she forfeits her powers if she hasn't yet undergone training.

    That isn't the only reason for the urgency of Aggie's visit, though... something's wrong in Halloweentown. The ghosts, skeletons, monsters, witches, warlocks, goblins, and other inhabitants of their world are collectively a peaceful people but a mysterious force is at work among them to cast spells on select citizens to aid in a covert attempt to return Halloweentown to the Dark Times, an era in which the magical creatures and humans warred against one another and the Earth holiday of Halloween was created as a form of mockery. Desperate to protect her home and mortals, Aggie needs her family's powers to aid in her attempts at tracking down and thwarting those who would usurp her authority and wreak havoc. Furious at her mother's secrecy and thrilled at the prospect of being a witch from another world, Marnie rushes to gather a few belongings and follow her grandmother out of the house and through the realm-to-realm portal that leads to Halloweentown, her siblings tagging alongside. Upon arriving, the three meet a host of wondrous creatures but soon note a few unsavory characters, like the shady teenaged Luke (Phillip Van Dyke), who takes an unwelcome interest in Marnie, and begin to discover that Halloweentown isn't quite what they thought it to be. With the help of those around her, Marnie must put her powers to the test to help her grandmother save Halloweentown and her family. exhibits a number of flaws, primarily those that are common among made-for-Disney Channel movies. There's enough corn here to make a Brady blush, particularly in the excessively childish trading of insults between Marnie and Dylan. Costumes and make-up for less prominent characters leave much to be desired and a few of the sound effects and digital effects quickly wear thin. On the other hand, however, the acting is always at least tolerable (and in Reynolds' case, a delight), the main characters' appearances are well-crafted, the pacing works well, the score is effective, and there's even a thoroughly enjoyable story-line. In spite of its flaws, the movie is a fun and charming one that is easy to enjoy and a treat to finally have on DVD.

  • The shindig goes well but Aggie is put off by a sudden disruption in her communication with Halloweentown from Earth. To find out what's happened, she and Marnie head to Halloweentown for a quick check-in with the understanding that they'll be back before the midnight curfew for realm-to-realm travel and Marnie's dance date with Kal. When they get there, though, they quickly realize that they won't be returning anytime soon. All of Halloweentown has turned gray, literally. The giant jack-o-lantern that serves as the realm's source of life has disappeared and all the townspeople look more like humans than fantastical creatures. In their attempts to understand what has transpired in their absence, they learn the truth about Kal, his past, and his intentions with the citizens of Halloweentown and the mortal world. The two find themselves once again waging their powers against those of their enemy to save both their worlds from a similar but all-together grander peril than they faced two years prior.

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  • is an improvement in almost every other way too. Gone are the embarrassing quips and weak jokes, and though the occasionally "teenaged romantic comedy" flaw takes their place, it makes for a more solid script. The effects, too, have improved, and as there are fewer creatures in this movie, the costumes aren't overly plastic either. Only the initial wonderment experienced upon first discovering Halloweentown and Debbie Reynold's ever-so-slightly larger role in the original are missed here. If one looks for the first movie's formula here, they'll find some semblance of it, but it's only loosely implemented and is usually appropriate when it is. With clever pacing and daring and extensive experiments with time travel sequences, is actually rather suspenseful at times and is every bit as good a fit for the fall season as its predecessor.

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MTV News spoke to Brown, 30, about what's she up to now, over 16 years since "Halloweentown" first premiered. Since then, she's gotten her bachelor's degree in business at California State University, Northridge and continues to act and make waves in the L.A. comedy scene. Here's what she looks like now, BTW: