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Figure 3. VGA2HDMI converter.

Ottertooth HDMI to AV Composite RCA CVBS Video, Audio Converter for TV / PS3 / VHS / VCR / DVD

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  • The Mini VGA to HDMI Converter can convert analog PC (RGBHV) and audio signal to digital HDMI format. It can connect the analog HD-15 VGA output from PC to the digital HDMI input of the latest HD ready plasma, LCD or DLP TV.

    Priced at $90, the HDMI Conversion Kit for Xbox 360 may seem a bit expensive, but this certainly beats shelling out $350 for a new Xbox 360 with an HDMI port. To repeat: skip this unit if you're looking for "digitally enhanced" picture quality--on most TVs, you won't see a noticeable difference versus component. But if you've got an HDMI-centric home theater system--say, something like the , which has several HDMI and optical ports, but no component video inputs--this accessory may be just what the doctor ordered.

  • The HDMI Conversion Kit comes with an adapter, an HDMI cable, and an audio optical cable. While we hate to bash the inclusion of cables, the fact is that the 1-meter (3 feet) length was just too short--we needed to move around some of our gear to make things reach. We'd like to see Mad Catz upgrade to more forgiving 1.5- or 2-meter cable lengths.

    Unlike every version of the , the first batch of consoles didn't include an HDMI-out port. Yes, firmware updates eventually added 1080p output via the console's component cables--despite the fact that the matching inputs on most TVs didn't support that resolution. HDMI eventually came to the Xbox 360 line--first with the , and then to the as well. However, there is still a large audience of original (pre-autumn 2007) Xbox 360 owners with HDMI-less consoles. With the Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit from Mad Catz, those gamers with original Xbox 360s can join the rest of the HDMI gaming world.

    Component (YPbPr) or VGA Video with3.5mm Audio to HDMI Converter

  • The HDMI to Composite converter provides features that ensure the highest quality output image, such as noise reduction, frame rate conversion and adaptive contrast enhancement, while an easy to use On-Screen Display(OSD) allows you to monitor your display status. Support for a wide range of HDTV and PC input resolutions make this versatile HDMI converter a perfect solution for using newer devices with existing legacy displays.

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Analog Devices audio, video, and microcontroller components can implement highly integrated HDMI2VGA or VGA2HDMI converters that can be powered with the small amount of power provided by a USB connector.