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Assembly:No need This tablet holder and book stand is the perfect studio ..

Actto BST-09 Green 180 angle adjustable and Portable Reading Stand/Book stand Document Holder

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  • Depending on your needs, there are two ways in which you can use this iPad stand. By positioning the BookGem on the bottom edge of the iPad, you can obtain a more upright viewing angle, suitable for reading. Should you be willing to do some work that requires using the virtual keyboard, all you need to do is to clip the BookGem on the top edge of the iPad in order to obtain the lower angle, optimal for typing. The iPad can be positioned as you wish, in either portrait or landscape view.
    If you want to use the BookGem but you already have your iPad in a case, you don’t need to remove it. The spring clips can hold variable thickness items, as they were designed to hold books with variable amounts of pages.

    I’d use a book holder when I’m eating and trying to read simultaneously…you know, multitasking. But generally, the book holder ends up being my plate, or some other device, maybe a tape dispenser, just something to hold the book open while I use my hands for other things. Now, if I could just read my book and knit at the same time….

  • I use book holders because I have an injury to my right shoulder that makes it hard to hold books for any length of time. And if it is a book that is not purely pleasure, I like to use a book holder to free up my hands so that I can take notes, write quotes from what I am reading, etc.

    You are lucky that you cannot see a reason for book holders. People with medical conditions such as arthritis in the hands and/or wrists cannot enjoy reading without suffering pain as they struggle to hold a book. Book holders for these people are so much more than just a convenience. I hope your good fortune continues.

    We've found the ideal book stand to pair up with the Easy Book Clip - The Bookhug

    • Our strong wire clip keeps the pages of your book open.
    • Metal book stand holds your book at an angle for easy reading - holds books up
      to one and a half inches thick.
    • Both work with paperback and hard-bound books - large and small.
    • Bookhug measures 2 1/4" high, 6" wide and 6" deep.
    • Use together or use either product by itself.
    • Two simply elegant designs.

  • Reference is first made to , wherein a book holder 10 constructed in accordance with a possible embodiment is shown. This book holder 10 is designed to hold a book in an open displayed manner, thereby facilitating reading and handling of the book by its user. The book is held open when the book holder 10 is positioned across an edge of the book, which edge is usually the bottom or upper edge thereof. This relieves the user from exerting a force on the pages of the book to keep it open. Books of various types, sizes and shapes can be used with the book holder 10. The book holder 10 may also have different sizes and shapes, depending on the needs. This includes books with hard or soft covers and any other kinds of printed publications with pages bound or otherwise attached so as to be displayed on two or even more juxtaposed sides, for instance magazines, brochures, catalogs, restaurant menus, etc.

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