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  • I am so glad this movie got made, and so sad that it only has one star on Netflix, because this is a very well done horror movie that doesn't have over the top gore. It doesn't show too much of the monster and instead chooses to build a creepy atmosphere and it actually really got me at certain points. There's a scene with the book where the mom flips through it and the pages have changed to threatening messages and pop ups of the babdook monster basically telling her "I will make you kill your son and dog", the acting, the music and just the overall subject matter of this scene was very effective in my opinion. I also like how they stray from the cliche of the fearless child unafraid of a demon, like you know, basically every other paranormal movie put out in recent years. The movie has an interesting metaphor which I won't spoil for you, but the ending does kind of leave me scratching my head and a bit confused, but definitely check it out on netflix.

    Yes, I know, M. Night Shyamalan, and I know some of you are sitting here and probably ready to rip my head off, but hear me out please. This is a damn good horror movie. It is very well paced, it doesn't rely on over the top gore, it has little jump scares, and relies on atmosphere and a strong sense of dread, as well as some bits of humor. For those of you who don't know, is about a group of people trapped in an elevator and one of them is Satan, and he is picking them off one at a time.

  • Of course, neither Netflix nor (nor any of their instant streaming competitors) has a selection as large as a decent brick-and-mortar video store. If you're lucky enough to still have on in your neighborhood, make sure you offer them your patronage. But then again, on Halloween, their horror movie section might be pretty picked over too, which would send you right back to Amazon Prime movies anyway.

    A found footage movie where people are trapped in an apartment complex where a mysterious mutated rabies has turned everyone into style zombies? What's not to love? Well, aside from a satisfying ending of course. Anyway, it's not bad. I know its based off a movie called REC which I have heard is a much better movie, but unfortunately I have not seen the original. But as far as Quarantine goes, It's immersive and it left me wondering what would happen next. Too bad the sequel just threw out everything cool about and made a generic, boring horror movie where it takes place in an airplane terminal and they got rid of the found footage style. This caused a drop in immersion and devolved the film into a generic zombie movie.

  • As always, CraveOnline has you covered. We've sifted through the nearly 1,000 Amazon Prime horror movies currently available to find ten particularly awesome films that most audiences either missed in their theatrical run, or haven't heard of at all.

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I’m not sure I love the idea of a sequel to My Name Is Bruce in any capacity, but an Expendables-esque horror movie, decked out with the greatest horror actors of the past three decades and more? Sign me the hell up.